Racist to the Bone

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  1. Trump’s hate is evident from his jawbones down to his thumbs and little toes.


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    After instructing four women of color in the House of Representatives to “go back” where they came from, President Trump now claims, “I don’t have a Racist bone in my body!”

    That appears incorrect. I have identified the following racist bones in Trump’s body:

    Phalanges and metacarpals:These are bones of the fingers and hands that Trump has used to tweet tirades against black and brown people and to retweet Nazi sympathizers, including, twice, an account called @WhiteGenocideTM with a photo of the founder of the American Nazi Party.

    Mandible and maxilla:These are the jawbones that Trump has used to denounce Mexican immigrants as “criminals, drug dealers, rapists,” not to mention to refuse to criticize the Ku Klux Klan.

    Femurs, fibulas, tibias, metatarsals:These foot and leg bones carried Trump into his casinos, where black staff members would be rushed off the floor so he couldn’t see them, according to a former employee, Kip Brown.

    Virtually every remaining bone was implicated in Trump’s early refusal to rent apartments in his buildings to blacks, leading the Nixon administration Justice Department (not exactly a pillar of liberalism) to sue him for housing discrimination in the 1970s. A former building superintendent working for Trump explained that any rent application from a black person was coded “C,” for “colored,” apparently so that the office would know to reject it.

    “Racist” is an explosive term that should never be lightly flung as an epithet, and it is more likely to end a conversation than clarify it. For a single tweet or action there is a possibility of misunderstanding or ambiguity.

    Yet for more than 45 years, since that housing discrimination, Trump has engaged in a consistent pattern of racist behavior and speech. His latest controversial tweets are not an aberration but a culmination. This isn’t a matter of a single tweet; it’s a lifetime with a narrative arc of bigotry.

    America’s history is a tapestry of innumerable threads, many of them triumphant and inspiring that we should be deeply proud of, but Trump goes out of his way to weave together two of the most shameful strands.

    One is the racism and nativism that go back to the 18th century, to the Philadelphia speaker who in 1844 denounced Irish immigrants as “scum unloaded on American wharves” and helped provoke anti-Catholic riots, to the waves of hysteria against African-Americans, Italians, Chinese, Jews, Japanese-Americans, Latinos and other immigrants. There is another strain of American hospitality highlighted by the Statue of Liberty and the admission of hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese refugees beginning in the 1970s, but the nativism is real — it’s why Trump’s family, alarmed by anti-German bigotry, pretended to be Swedish.

    The other thread that Trump pulls is more political: what we now call McCarthyism, although it, too, goes back to our nation’s earliest days. It vilifies opponents as enemies of the state.

    More than two centuries ago, opponents of Thomas Jefferson warned that he was a Jacobin who if elected would unleash a French-style reign of terror upon America. As one commentator put it, “The Bible would be cast into a bonfire, our holy worship changed into a dance of Jacobin phrensy, our wives and daughters dishonored.” Senator Joseph McCarthy updated that in the 20th century with reckless accusations that leftists were Communists — and now Trump picks up that mantle by suggesting that his four progressive targets in Congress “might be” Communists, not to mention that they “hate our Country” and are “pro Al-Qaeda.”

    I’m not sure whether this new McCarthyism is instinctive and unthinking, or these bilious rants represent a shrewd effort to manipulate voters into seeing the 2020 presidential campaign through the prism not of issues but of racial identity, in hopes of winning Trump an edge with white voters.

    I do know that Trump has taken two of the most ignominious threads in American history — nativism and McCarthyism — and woven them together in an outburst that is an affront to democratic norms.

    If anyone doubts that Trump’s statements were despicable, note that the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission specifically bars employers from using “ethnic epithets, such as making fun of a person’s foreign accent or comments like, ‘Go back to where you came from.’”

    Frankly, I’m even more troubled by Trump’s policies than by his tweets, and I wish the reaction to Trump focused more on practical initiatives to reduce child poverty, treat drug addiction or end mass incarceration. But the question put to Congress this week was a resolution properly condemning the presidential tirade. It was grotesque to see Republicans who had been mute at presidential bigotry suddenly protest that the backers of the resolution violated rules of decorum.

    Really? We’re left again with the question: How can members of the party of Lincoln today protest the label of racism, but not the racism itself — in a man who for 45 years has shown himself to be a racist from his mandible to his metatarsals?
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  2. The dem party is in shambles and it is growing worse by the day.

    Discuss Trump more. That is working out so well for ya.
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  3. From the article:
    “Racist” is an explosive term that should never be lightly flung as an epithet
    This was meant as a joke, right? Racist is the most overused term used by the left, so much so that it has pretty much lost all meaning.
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    the rank and file Dems are the saddest group of people... they get brain washed by the elites, and then get f'ed over by the elites' policies...

    #walkaway from the plantation... take the red pill and you will be connected with reality... and your trading account will thank you.

    Dems have nothing... no ideas, old tired failed policies... meanwhile Trump's economy is firing on all cylinders.... so all they've got left is 'trump bad'.... pathetic.

    why would anyone want to keep living in such pathetic state.... come over to this side, life is much better here.... you can always go back if you think what I am telling you is not true.

    and if you don't even want to take a test ride on the trump train, that is fine too.... you can keep posting, that will just give people like me more opportunities to show others on the fence, how much better life can be.

    and by the way - if you cannot read the BS from the Dem elites, then I am afraid your trading will suffer... because the Dem BS is far easier to read than the stock market shananigans my pro boys put on!
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    Give it up, nobody wants to join your racist slumber party. There's a reason unpopular kids eat alone.
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    nobody? huge numbers are #walkingaway..

    the race card is so tired.... Pelosi got it played on her by AOC... the Dems are in such bad shape they are eating each other lol.

    Trump is genius - so in the beginning it was just Pelosi against the squad.... then he sent out a bunch of troll tweets and Pelosi was forced to defend the squad and now the Dems are doomed for 2020, clearly the American people won't go for the extreme left socialist policies..... so now the Dems either have to use a moderate like Biden in 2020, which means there will be tremendous in-fighting, or keep getting hijacked by the extreme left and face certain defeat in 2020.

    You can keep going, which just give me more chances to explain these things, and more people with any common sense will see the light and walk away.... there will always be some people who can never be salvaged... and that's fine.

    by the way are you a person of color? just curious so I can direct my next post correctly.

    and also by the way - the truth is so night and day at this point.... anyone who still can't see it, I am sorry to say his/her trading will suffer... because you can carry your daily life blind-folded... but if you go into the market blind-folded, that's certain doom.
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    Yeah,just look at 2018...ohh wait
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    come up with something new? the real Tony Stark would have come up with much cooler stuff long ago lol.
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