RACIST CME and CBOT didn't celebrate MLK day

Discussion in 'Politics' started by chewbacca, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. so I come in this morning and see that many futures contracts traded on monday.....this is an outrage
  2. Yes they did....there was the typical "holiday hours" as many other holidays. And since they were closed I was not yet able to get the 813's test in the ES I am waiting for......DAMN holidays!!! :D
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    95% of the market participants and volume in the CME and CBOT are speculators

    as for daytrading volume it's a casino there.

    cme cbot is mostly a casino

  4. I suppose any participant in the global Fx market is a racist?

    Gimme a break, go watch the first African American president get inaugurated, and STFU!

    The days of this crap are over my race baiting friend.
  5. I agree, let the Hispanics and Asians have their turn at race baiting..............oh, wait a second, they're too busy working like the rest of us. :D
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    I suppose these people want a holiday in Obama's name too? ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!!
    I traded yesterday, made money, and could care less what, "so called" holiday it was. If you want to truly honor it, then don't trade. I knew what day it was, but so what? It's just another profitable day on the trading calendar for me.:)
    Shouldn't the author of this post have his/her tongue glued to the t.v. screen all day today? Not me. Already made my profit this morning, now it's off to the casino for the rest of the day.:)
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    I wish all public holidays were abolished. Nothing more annoying that losing out on $$$ just because some government fucks are lazy and want to impose their backsliding onto the rest of us.
  8. perr


    Blacks have lots of issue, they bring onto them selfs.

    Blacks ARE and will always be the biggest RACIST GROUP
    YEARS IN AFRICA. But as we all know they have to make this change themselfs.

    They only blame the White race if you notice and not other Race's.

    Have you ever seen any other RACE, act like this in any history
    of the past. NEVER

    But if it wasn't for us here, the White Man and White Woman they would be nothing. Period.

    All they have to offer is a bunch of Jive Crap, Bullshit,Crime,Drugs, Using White Woman to sell for sex,
    and thievery etc.
    Is this what life is about to them? (Now I see why they know they need help.) And we all still help them.

    I've never seen one thing they ever built. Have you. There Not Builders that's for sure.

    I will say they are good in sports, and some are real gentlemen that I've met.
    (the one's that really like this country) no crime from them. Good hard
    workers like most of us who work here.

    All you need to know about Black African Americans, is listen to this
    Rap Crap Music crap. This should tell you everything you need to know about this race.

    Listen to all the music from other race's in history, and listen to this SHIT that comes out from there hearts.
    and were so kind to lay on us. Thank you brother and sister.

    That's why there a racist group. they don't like them-self's or the color they are.

    gave them.

    Maybe they should be more Honest and Trustworthy about them selfs. Or maybe just stay the same way.

    I wish them all good luck and a good honest future.

    They know how to get along if they wanted too, but they just want to hustle us more for more stuff, they find thats alot easyer then working for it, like we and our kids do. They like to steal it.

    trade well all, and have a good year.

  9. They have to accomodate EU traders .
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    We have a winner folks.
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