Racist attack by 30 blacks on 4 white girls

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Marine_Park_Race_Attack&oldid=47696620



    Marine Park is a quiet middle class neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY.
    However, in the afternoon of March 30, 2005 it became a scene of one of the most brutal racist attacks.

    According to New York Daily News, "It was as plain as black and white. It was a hate crime. When 30 black teenagers from Marine Park Middle School, most of them girls, chased five white girls from St. Edmund’s off a Marine Park basketball court and across a Brooklyn street—punching, kicking, slapping, pulling hair and screaming, “honky bitches,” “black power” and “white crackers”—it was a racial attack. It was about hate." >>

    Police officers who responded to the scene on March 30, at approximately 4 p.m., arrested five of the attacking teenagers. They were charged with simple assault.

    Two of the white girls were treated at Coney Island Hospital. One had a broken nose and was given a CT scan because she had been repeatedly kicked in the head. Another victim of the attack suffered a torn muscle and had clumps of hair ripped out of her scalp.

    Three weeks after the crime was committed, New York City Police brought in a bias crime unit to investigate and elevate the charges to hate crime status. At the same time, the police to arrest three more alleged culprits and also offered a reward for information on the rest of the mob of black teens.

    After this happened, it took a bunch of the moms two full weeks to even get an audience with Deputy Inspector Kevin McGinn at the 63rd Precinct. But no matter what we told him, no matter how much eyewitness evidence we presented, he said he would not elevate these charges to racial hate crime status.

    The openly racist WhitePrivilege.com website and a New York's liberal Village Voice Newspaper, went as far as to suggest that the attack may have been the fault of the white girls and it is still a question of who attacked who. The Voice counteracted the Brooklyn Skyline's article, written by freelance journalist Marianna Hernandez, called "Non-Bias Attack", that first broke the news, which made headlines because of its story telling, witness accounts, and the denial of police officials in regards to the incident being racially motivated initially. The article generated over 100 letters worldwide in response and received critism from several media outlets, including some of New York's most famous dailies.
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    Yet another instance of racism. What is your point? Anything we dont know already?
  3. It's not "racism" if it's black on white....Duh....where have you been for the last 30 years?

    If it was white on black (even if it's fictitious like Tawana Brawley), then it's front page headline news for months.

    The liberals masturbate over stuff like that. Really pathetic. :mad:
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    I don't know what to tell ya. It aint fair. But everytime I point out how certain groups get to command the labor of others less fortunate than themselves, or simply win in some day to day competition, largely by virtue of the circumstances they were born into, I'm told "life aint fair'.
  5. "It's not "racism" if it's black on white....Duh....where have you been for the last 30 years?"

    a rarely realized statistic (and unintended consequence) of bias crime laws is that blacks are MORE likely (on a per capita basis) to be charged with a hate crime, than whites.

    what is also interesting about hate crime laws is this...

    for background - hispanic is not a race. it is a cultural designation. any race can also be a hispanic. white hispanic, asian hispanic, black hispanic (cuba and brazil have a lot of these), etc. it basically means you are from a spanish speaking culture.

    in terms of hate crime statistics, hispanic IS listed as a VICTIM classification, but NOT a suspect classification. odd. it skews statistics, and that is a very bizarre bias.

    for example,

    two white doods are on a bus. they assault an hispanic dood on the basis of his hispanic cultural designation...

    that is a bias crime (hate crime) designated as White Suspect, Hispanic Victim


    An Hispanic dood is on a bus. He assaults a black dood on account of his race. This is NOT designated as Hispanic Suspect, black victim. the hispanic suspect would be designated by his RACE, not his hispanic status. so, if it was a white hispanic (as most hispanic in the US are designated), this would go down as a white on black crime, not an hispanic on black crime.

    so, hispanic can be a victim class, but not an offender class vis a vis hate crimes.

    i'm against hate crime legislation in general. i think the crime should be punished as the crime it is, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious bias. but that's tangential to the strange status of hispanic in the regards of victim vs. offender class
  6. somewhat sorta kinda a propos... (not hate crime statistics. just murder statistics, btw... by race and gender)

    "While whites and Asians are underrepresented among murderers and murder victims in New York City, it does not appear to be the case that Latinos are overrepresented; in fact, their mur"derer/victim rate is the same as their percentage in the general population (about 27 or 28 percent). The overrepresentation is among African Americans, who are 25 percent of the population, but make up 60 and 61 percent of murder victims and killers, respectively."

    link to NY times statistics here...


    race of victim - 60% black, 27% hispanic (i note hispanic is NOT a race, but that is how the NYPD documents it), white 9%, asian 4%

    race of killer 61% black, 28% hispanic, 7% white, 4% asian

    racial breakdown of population - 25% black, 28% hispanic, 35% white, 11% asian

    conclusion is very clear. blacks vastly overrepresented as both perpetrators of, and victims of murder. hispanics are middle of the road, so to speak. whites and asians underrepresented.

    the stats don't poin this out, but one thing is also well known, is that the vast majority of murders are INTRAracial, not interracial.

    also, on a gender basis, 93 % of murderers are male, and 82% of murder victims are male. so, it is also obvious that women are overrepresented as victims, and underrepresented as murderers . file under... DUH!
  7. Actually, Federal Government counts all Hispanics as Hispanics only when victims, when perpetrators, white Hispanics are counted as whites. Read, white felons are even less numerous.
  8. estrader, that is true, and i mentioned it in another post

    these are not federal stats, they are NYPD stats, but you are right

    hispanics (which is a cultural not a racial designation) tend to be (in the USA), majority white hispanics, but hispanics can also be black (many of these in cuba and brazil) and also can be asian.

    hispanic merely means that you are from a spanish speaking culture, essentially, and it is a prevalent part still of your culture.

    for the feds - this is especially seen in hate crime stats - hispanic is NOT and CANNOT be an offender class, only a victim class

    this of course, skews stats

    most of the hispanics in this country are (obviously) a mixture of white and native american (the native americans of the mexico region mixing with the spanish explorers).

    but, technically speaking, a person of japanese ancestry, who grew up in spain or mexico would be asian (race), but also hispanic.

  9. I can't seem to find the racial composition of Hispanics in US.
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