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    Shortly after the earthquake in Haiti, I kept hearing that the haitians didn't even have water, not to mention other neccessities. I'm thinking to myself: how can we these people get some water? Then it hit me!!! Aha! no problem, I'm assuming the Dominican republic is surely on their way. They must be, their on the same island, their sooo close, they were not damaged by the quake and have plenty of resources.
    Then I finally heard a news story! "the Dominican republic has sent armed troops to guard their border crossing. that's it!! I thought WTF!!! I was confused, It seems I did not know my history very well. After all, I had just vacationed there last year. They seemed to have everything a person could want, Why could they not help?

    My questions were answered last night while listening to talk radio. The host of the show related a story. It was awhile ago, not sure how long. The host was invited to a golf tournament by a close Dominican friend who happened to be a professional baseball player here in the states. Other dominicans pros were there also, Juan Marichal,Barry Larkin, Jose Rijo, etc.etc. Anyway, the host noticed Juan Marichal chewing out one of the native employees in spanish. Later he asked Jose Rijo what was going on? Jose told him that the employee (a haitian) put a glass down in front of mrs. Marichal. So? what's the problem he asked? He Replied: the man is a haitian, they are forbidden from touching glasses, silverware, dishes, etc.
    He went on to say that the haitians are brought over to work in the sugar can fields and other menial jobs and if they give you any problems it is legal to shoot them!!! But why he asked??? The haitians are dark skinned people who are decendants of slaves, Dominicans are lighter skinned and decendants of spaniards.
    I will never step foot in the DR again you bastards!!!!:mad:
  2. Do you think the Haitians and Dominicans align with African-Americans in America?

    This point is not lost on Al Sharpton, et al, just because we have Afircan-Americans working and living in mainstream America, racism doesn't dissolve among people of color.
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    I don't understand the first part of your question. I do realize racism doesn't dissolve amongst people of color.
    But to discriminate because they are descendants of slaves??? maybe the slaves were Spaniards? A slave isn't a nationality. Don't they realize all humans on earth can be traced back to Africa? We are all they same!
    The US isn't friends with everyone either, but when our fellow man is suffering, it's only natural to extend a helping hand.