Racism / Nationalism / Intolerance

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Aquarians, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. Aquarians


    I'm not a racist, had to learn the concept after being a full grown adult and like all foreign languages, you never get quite native at them :p

    But apart from living in the part of the world where the concept of nationalism was invented, I'm not that either.

    Intolerant though, I admit that I am. To whatever jeopardises my existence, makes my life unnecessary hard and tries to trick me into accepting some status-quo as a hindance to my development.

    Which is pretty much what The West is doing.

    So... how's the view from the other side?
  2. smallfil


    Protecting one's borders is not intolerant! Every other country on the planet does it! And there are 1,000,000 legal immigrants accepted into the US yearly! That is plenty! No other country does that! They should cut that to 100,000 and no more! And illegals should all be denied entry!
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    Sunny 80ish plus, water looking sweet. you?
  4. Aquarians


    I posted this on another thread here:

    "If I make the slightest of an attempt, in your glorious capitalist system, at pointing out the viciousness and unfairness of the system, I'm getting fucked worse than my father was during communist times. Back then, like now, they fired your wise ass. But back then they also re-hired you (well, for a lesser position but at least you didn't starve). Now it's only go fuck yourself and starve, smartass."
  5. Aquarians


    To me, it seems like our system, though communist in name, was more like tsarist Russia before the bolsheviks.

    All smart guys know we're living in a dictatorship, most important question is how to best deal with it?

    Well, Russians have tried and thankfully failed the experiment of shooting all dissidents. Amongst them there are super-valuable guys, who all the recruitment in the world ("Come, join our beautiful wolrd-changing culture") is not gonna make up for. Especially when recruiters themselves were "culled".