Racism caused the Housing crisis

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  1. Not outlawing slavery in the constitution was the biggest mistake this country ever made.
  2. And if they didn't make those loans, guess what they would have been called...

    It's full on desperation mode.
  3. Wha? See, this why people like myself get pissed. Playing the race card when there is no racism is a lot like crying wolf. When racism actually does occur, then the concept is diluted. Racism should be used like Rape very sparingly and with clear cut evidence, not because one gets mad.

    In Atlanta, we had people living in Alpharetta, working at Wal-Mart:mad:
  4. A number of Founders apparently agreed with you, so i have read somewhere.
  5. Absolutely.

    I made the claim to my bleeding heart best friend that Obama's presidency would make race relations worse in this country. He of course thought I was nuts and curiously doesn't much care to discuss it any more.
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  7. I deal with the a large segment of the underclass, both black, white and latino. These people are conditioned to have their hands out. What is tragic is that the Congressional reps of these districts where the underclass live encourage the government owes you something mentality or the government is going to take what little you have mentality.

    That piece on Status Anxiety is an excellent analysis in my opinion.
  8. Anyone who thinks democraps are on the right track now and who still has a shred of objectivity left and would rather work than be on welfare should watch this.

    Doh... that eliminates everyone :p
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