Racial, Gender Quotas in the Financial Bill

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  2. A policy is only racist if white people are the beneficiaries. If non whites benefit at the expense of whites, that's not racist...
  3. Section 342 sets up at least 20 Offices of Minority and Women Inclusion.


    I was reading the other day that the African American community is getting quite Po'd about the inclusion of women and hispanics and various other "minorities" being included as minorities in gov't programs.

    These fringe minorites are diluting the free money, benefit, etc programs which rightly belong to the true and righteuos minority group in the US which is the African American.

    Always "sumpin".
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    I don't think anyone thinks that. Defenders of quotas and the like will tell you, 'yeah, quotas are not right...in a perfect world. But in this world they are a necessary evil'
  5. Of course they wont TELL you that, but in practice that's how it works. Quotas which benefited whites over non whites would be evil incarnate. Quotas which benefit non whites at the expense of whites are "necessary". Hence racism against whites is "necessary" and ethical when it benefits non whites.

  6. Washington, DC is majority black. The voters will inevitably prefer a corrupt black demagogue over anyone qualified. Whites need not apply for anything beyond city council ward elections. The last mayor, a young ,vaguely competent black man, was defeated because voters were upset that he had appointed a white woman as police chief and a korean woman to straighten out the schools.

    So why is it necessary for Washington, DC to have minority preferences?
  7. I suspect the area you live in (you know, the beltway...away from the poor and minority groups of D.C.) is majority white. The voters will inevitably prefer a corrupt white demagogue over anyone qualified. Blacks need not apply for anything beyond city council ward elections.

    ...and I'm not whistling Dixie.

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  9. This is absolute fucking descrimination and completely unconstitutional.

    If George Washington found out he would rise from his grave fighting.
  10. Where I live is not important. The fact is Washington, DC just elected a mayor because his predecessor was thought to be insufficiently racist. Columnists in the Washington Post complained that he had appointed too many whites to high level jobs. Can you imagine if someone complained that an officeholder appointed too many minorities?

    As for your other claims, Montgomery County , Md, one of the nation's richest counties, has an elected county executive who is black. Same for neighboring Prince George's County, although he and his wife were just arrested on a federal corruption charge.

    The vast majority of racism in this country comes from minorities and is directed at whites. Some of it is government-directed, plenty of it is just hate and resentment, no doubt stoked by irresponsible politicians.
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