Rachel Maddow get's destroyed

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  2. I had forgotten about those cuts to medicare that came from Obamacare, Romney should preempt the inevitable demagoguery that is coming over medicare, by starting attack ads depicting Obama throwing grandma off a cliff,
  3. Sounds like a man overtalking, i.e. bullying, a woman. But that's what you guys do, right?:D
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    It takes a lot to defend Rachel Maddow. Not even Ricter can do it. But I guess it shows you were RCG's politics are. Scary...
  5. the only woman we enjoy bullying is YOU
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    Exactly Max. Obama wants to make those cuts TODAY affecting CUURENT seniors. Ryan wants to make cuts affecting seniors 20 years from now! There goes Obama pushing poor grandma off the cliff. :D
  7. My politics are in clear view, the GOP has gone quite mad. They want to send us back to the 50's. You support that, for obvious and understandable reasons.

    Nothing complex about it.
  8. Weak. You can do better. Or, maybe not.:D
  9. +1

    That guy Maddow got destroyed again.
  10. Thanks for demonstrating my point.:D

    Well played, Navin, well played.:p
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