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    I'm sorry, I've tried to shop at the Walmart but there is just something seriously wrong with the place.

    For one thing, any Walmart I have visited from Chicago to LA has been a freak show. You know what I mean.

    There isn't a pair of pants in any store in the entire Walmart chain with an inseam longer than 32. The business model is to sell to short mexicans. Its a fact.

    If Walmart is the future of America we are really in some deep trouble.
  2. I did well shopping for a Vizio plasma tv there a year ago. I wouldn't buy clothing there. I have picked up prescriptions there from time to time when I could not get them at my pharmacy.
    They are building a new superstore a few miles from my home in a community that is mostly small family businesses, and within 5 miles is a shopping capital.

    Amazing Paramus NJ area can have so many stores continue to open and on such a large scale and they are always packed.
    It will be interesting to see what comes of this and how they handle it to ensure it will not happen again.