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  1. Um, the guy called Obama a "half breed", an offensive term that racists often use.

    That alone does not make Pa(b)st a racist; his other statements, though, suggest that he is.
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  2. Should we disqualify any solutions proposed by a racist?
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  3. No, we should examine proposed solutions logically.

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  4. ammo


    when u come on a blog site that has 10k registered members and another 10k guests and you berate minorities,blacks,latins jews,you might as well where your white robe and stand next to the burning cross,this is biggotry dressied up with a few intelligent arguments to make it look like a debate,its just hatred,pabst this isn't the first time you've done this, Pabst,i used to respect you as a trader but you've really shown your worst side again and again
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  5. Just a couple of comments:

    I personally know several Asians who moved to this country when they were in their teens or early 20's, knew none or very little English, faced a lot of discrimination, had no friends in high places, and had to start from scratch. They ALL studied hard and learned English while working low-paying jobs; those who came when they were very young or in their early teens often ended up graduating at the top of their high school classes despite having to learn English as a second language. They are ALL successful now, either as businessmen and women who own their own businesses, or fast-rising employees in large and distinguished companies. Their kids are following in their footsteps - getting straight A's in school and going on to elite universities. Many of those kids are going to tutors - not to catch up with their peers, but for advanced lessons that will get them even further ahead.

    I strongly believe that Asians are generally successful here because they have an incredible work ethic, a strong appreciation and respect for education, a strong sense of wanting to make their family - especially their elders - proud, and the understanding that nothing is going to be given to them; you have to work for everything you get.

    Most of the American blacks I have known do not share those characteristics, and if they do, not to the extent of the Asian immigrants I know.

    Also, the Nigerian taxi driver is not being prejudiced. He's being smart. Why should he risk his life when a far safer fare is further down the road?
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  6. Almond, you say females tend to choose the most masculine models, white man can't jump.
    Then why so many black single women choose not to be married? Why so many black females who won't tolerate being dominated by a black man? Black females want a man who will work. She won't support him becasue he is masculine.
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  7. These single black females do not choose not to be married. From what I have read, and seen, it is a serious issue in the black community. Black women hold great animosity to black men, especially the successful ones, who date outside their ethnic group.

    Black women cannot get and keep a man because many of them are not very, ummm, girly. Masculine men tend to choose feminine women. If they want to argue, they can go to their local legislature and argue all day.
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  8. I don't see this. I see black women who want a man who will work, just like she works. If the black man she is with wants to be dominate to her, and also not work, but go in and out of work, and live off her, then she gets tired of this and does not want him around. It doesn't matter how masculine he is, or physically superior. She is not looking for the highest jumper like you say, but looking for someone she can depend on. Maybe you are right about some black women who have animosity to the black man who marries outside his race. You are wrong about not being girly enough. Some black women are very attractive, like some white women are. If by girly you mean submissive, then you are right, a black women will not sit back and accept being dominated by someone who won't work. What I think is black women will not be submissive to a black man who thinks he is king just becasue he is physically strong, but does not provide. This is what I see every day.
    Latino culture is very different.
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  9. Fair enough, what I have seen is that most "sistas" want "ballers", or something along those lines. The future CEO of a company she just doesn't have time for, until there are children to be provided for.

    I will admit that I am on the outside looking in, and you probably have a better view being a Latino and all.
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  10. I think it is more about how educated the women is, its not her race that explains her looking for just sex from a man.
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