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  2. You're entitled to your opinion. But let's be clear; that's an opinion only. I don't think a few links to the Chicago Tribune represents rigorous statistical analysis.

    If you ask me to come up with a mental picture of the typical white-collar criminal, I sure as hell don't see a black guy. This is probably because the vast majority of white-collar workers are... well, white.
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  3. Funny it is, I can tell you that.

    I never said anything about destroying every white man. You said that. I would never advocate such a thing, because many, many white men know the truth. They know that things the way they are cannot continue.

    The families with the wealth know how they got it. They disrepected and destroyed entire cultures to get their assets, whether human or material.

    The best providers? This is why women cheat, they want men, not just money.

    With regards to money, the government realized that a point comes when a critical mass occurs and you are able to destroy your opponents through brute financial force. That is why they made antitrust laws.

    With regards to breeding, humans breed to propogate the species, if white males find themselves lacking, perhaps they should become more masculine. The Spaniards did it to them then, blacks are doing it to them now.
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  4. Take a look at the crime blotter featuring American athletes and you'll get my point. Merely giving someone loads of money doesn't suddenly transform them from thug to gentility. Black or white. There's been several dozen Chicagoans recently indicted by the Feds for mortgage fraud. They're virtually all black. Certainly not to say dozens of whites don't also engage in those activities but you shouldn't assume American blacks aren't rapidly becoming more white collar or just because someone has stepped up in income that it profoundly impacts cultural characteristics. I believe ultimately those changes will occur-for instance I've seen Chicago blacks benefit economically from a trickle up in spending by Hispanics-but those changes are slow to manifest.

    There's tons of mainstream data on the subject of correlation between income/education and crime.


    Most inner city crime isn't committed out of need but rather wants. Hence a Chicagoan or Angeleno will observe how gang activity often transcends income levels. Just because someone's Mom is a postal worker doesn't mean they desire a Bentley any less than someone who's Mom is on welfare. In fact the middle class kid may feel even more entitled.

    It's not much different than prior immigrant classes. Originally Italians created the American Mafia as a mechanism to compete economically amid prejudice from the more established Wasps and Irish. A couple of generations later you still had guy's joining the mob even though they were middle class kids with ample legit opportunities. A brother of the late Tony Spilotro (the Joe Pesci role in Casino) is one of Chicago's top dentists. Spilotro didn't need to be a ruthless mobster as don't many of todays criminals from the Black community. Sometimes stealing and killing is just more fun than working your ass off.

    Also not enough scientific literature deals with the sexual implications of this stuff. Just like musicians will confess they learned guitar to attract girls-so do kids engage in crime.
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  5. ammo


    You can throw all the news articles you want up here, just like the politicians that use figures to justify there mistakes ,,it doesn't justify you being a racist biggot
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  6. I'll look at the link. All the rest of what is above it is anecdotal - in other words, an opinion.

    I know you're not a big fan of University sociology departments. I'm not going to berate you for this statement. I find it overly simplistic.

    So who is it that isn't genetically predisposed to criminal activity? Is it whites of Western European descent only??
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  7. Very interesting findings. I will definitely look at the authors and the paper. It seems to have been published in a journal called Criminology. I'll look into that too.

    I wanted to check smartlibrary, just to make sure it wasn't one of these racist sites masquerading as a research site (sorry Pabst, you know how it is). I clicked on the 'About Us' link and got this



    Looked a little more and found this


    So it seems to be a legit site.
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  8. Can you post a new link? I'm getting a blank page.
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  9. Yes, I was too, but see my amendment to the post above yours.
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  10. Who's talking about culture being genetic?
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