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  1. What is "race"?
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  2. Lucrum


    My info may be wrong but I thought he was mostly Arab and less than 10% black.

    In any case the only "change" will be the huge increase in taxes.
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  3. Cutten


    The Nigerian cabbie is not being prejudiced, he's being post-judiced. Car insurance companies do it all the time. Correlations to risk factors are legitimate bits of data to use. He isn't going to be afraid of picking up a black grandmother from a school in a nice suburb, is he? He may think twice about driving into Chinatown to pick up 4 intoxicated young asian guys wearing gang clothes.

    However, I'd ask this. If a presentable black person hails the taxi, in a normal part of town, do you think before even picking him up that the Nigerian thinks the black person smokes weed, talks in ebonics, is uneducated, lazy, promiscuous, would be a bad neighbour or housemate etc? I doubt it. Whereas lots of white people would be assuming exactly those things, just based on this person's race.

    There's a difference between judging on facts, or what appear to be facts; and judging based on pure prejudice, with no accounting for the facts at all.
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  4. Actually many Chicago blacks who pull robberies know that dressing well will give them an opening. It's far more common to hear a police report on these types of cases "police are seeking a well dressed armed robber" rather than a guy wearing a Gangster Disciple sweatshirt. The same with store robberies. How many pawn shops are going to buzz in the guy with a doorag wrapped around his head?

    Women too. Where are they going to be dropped off? They tell the trusting cabbie, "take me to 9918 S. Robbery Av" and as they take their time pulling out a wallet from the back seat their boyfriend accomplice comes from the pre-arranged shadows and ices the driver with a shot from the sidewalk.

    It sucks for the black yuppie who himself is afraid of being robbed. Often he's hailing a cab to avoid a treacherous walk home from the bus or “L”.That's why polls in Black communities will most often cite crime as their #1 concern.
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  5. And another thing no one really wants to talk about Cutten: Even nice, educated, moneyed black guy's commit crime in much larger numbers than whites with the same economic traits. In other words the criminal culture in the American black community is so prevalent it stretches beyond normal socio economic/educational barriers.

    A middle class black will STILL commit crime at a rate higher rate than a poorer less educated white.
    It's weird stuff and I don't know the explanation.

    I know as an Englishman you think it's about poverty but in a place like Chicago no one is TRULY poor. We have a very wide social service net and living in a black neighborhood is quite a bit cheaper than living on the Gold Coast. IOW's we're not talking about people robbing or killing so they can eat.

    Here's stories from just today's Chicago Tribune:




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  6. ammo


    if you put 2 parakeets in a cage and hang it in your den,there will be 2 parakeets there in the morning, if you put 30 parakeets in a cge for 2,bla ,bla,bla,there will be 25 dead ones when you wake up. Too many people in a confined space makes people scream,fight ,honk,cuss,steal,get high,and kill,. If you are in the black ghetto and recieving aid and are without an education,it's tough to get out,if you stay past the age of 12 , some social working reformers say it's already too late, a freind of mine works with cabrini green children who express themselves thru art as a means to communicate with the social worker and she says that a 4 year old black child needing her help has the same trauma going on in their head as a soldier on the frontline. There are a lot of problems not being attended to, and when something is not getting better it's getting worse ,nothing stay's the same. It's a mathematical fact that if you're born in the ghetto,your'e born f##ked.There is no money in helping the chicago black help himself,so he's left to fend for himself and fair dues to the few who make it out of hell successfully .
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  7. Thank's for your post but how about these questions. Aren't many places crowded without corresponding acts of wanton violence? Hong Kong? And does the South Central area of Los Angeles or Compton look crowded? It's a hell of a lot less crowded than the Wilshire Corridor or for that matter north Lake Shore Drive.

    There's other things in play here besides economic conditions.
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  8. if you put 2 parakeets in a cage and hang it in your den,there will be 2 parakeets there in the morning, if you put 30 parakeets in a cge for 2,bla ,bla,bla,there will be 25 dead ones when you wake up. Too many people in a confined space makes people scream,fight ,honk,cuss,steal,get high,and kill,.


    You are wrong. This is a common misconception, if you researched urban planning, people density per acre (forgot the exact term) is zip for cause and correlation of crime.
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  9. No, Past, there is no need for a vitriolic tirade, for the fate of your ideals are sealed. Most of you old farts are dying, your young women are chosing men of color. Europe is in negative population growth. Every day, every hour, your world gets just a little bit darker.

    It must keep you up at night, like a splinter, in your mind.
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    you live here pabst, you know what neighborhoods to stay out of,it's gotta be hell living there and you can't describe it any other way, people are dropped on this earth in some area and hell isn't where i would want to be born,biggotry is eating you from the inside out,it rots your mind
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