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  1. A few random thoughts.

    The U.S. fought deadly wars against various Asian nations in four consecutive decades. We've killed millions and millions of “yellow men” from Japan to Cambodia, Korea to Laos, Vietnam to the Philippines. All combined we've lost 200,000 troops, spent hundreds of billions, interned American citizens of Japanese descent and Hollywood has cast thousands in the role of maniacal, evil “nips”, “Japs” and “slant eyes.” Until my adult lifetime the official sports nickname of Pekin Il. High School was the Chinks.

    America has only used nuclear weapons in warfare once. Of course we killed Asians.

    Yet if one were to poll American whites on their personal impressions of Asians, I'm guessing the vast, vast majority would respond that Asians are pretty cool. I don't recall ever meeting an Asian I've disliked. Perhaps those out West who live near Asian gangs have a different take but I see Asians in America as extreme scholastic achievers, businessmen who often prosper in dangerous inner city neighborhoods and good family people. Unlike many other white guys I harbor no particular sexual desire for Asian women, I've never visited Asia nor do I really desire to. I enjoy Asian food but in no way am I pre-disposed to like Asians. I just do. My feelings are based on the way they treat me, my community and each other.

    I would never pretend people are color blind. However I don't think people dislike someone of another race based on color. Instead color merely becomes a dominant identification. Just like gender, religion or sexual orientation. We'd be naive to believe folks of differing faiths don't possess traits unique to their own dogma. Individuality is usually just a subset of our cultural upbringing.

    One can't help but contrast the good will felt toward Asians to the animosity between Blacks and Whites. Is it because yellow is closer to white in the color wheel? Or could it be something more tangible? Could it be that whites (substitute humans) make a statistical inference based on identifiable markers? After all the language men use to describe women is pretty illustrative of those generalized divides. How many of you have heard, “women are tough to work for, it's like they have something to prove.” Or “good looking chicks have attitudes.” While those remarks are considered sexist or even cruel they may contain a grain of statistical truth.

    The history of race relations in the U.S. perhaps precludes any dialog that won't be viewed as hostile and prejudicial. Too many old wounds. What about those who come here devoid of that bad history. A fresh set of eyes so to speak.

    Then how do immigrants view American blacks? To be blunt, not favorably. By and large immigrants see blacks as spoiled. Put yourself in the shoes of a Mexican in L.A., an Arab in Detroit or a Polish person in Chicago. Chances are you came to America without speaking English. You enter a strange land amid a small network of friends and family. Because of financial hardship or immigration laws your parents or children might have been left behind. Talk about the trauma of your first day in school! So now you're in your first day in the City of Obama.

    While you're working some menial back breaking job, trying to learn conversational English and putting off any luxury beyond a few cervezas so you can send money back home-you're robbed at gunpoint by guys who own cars and expensive shoes. You see these thieves as people who had the benefit of free schools. Schools that fielded sports teams, held plays, gave out free lunch and had just 20-25 students in a class. These are people who if unemployed or poor receive food stamps, subsidized housing, welfare and aid to dependent children. They have fire and police protection, nice parks, recreational facilities, affirmitive hiring, helpful quotas in government jobs and contracts and best of all they're full fledged U.S. Citizens. Yet with all those advantages-perks you and your people would die for, perhaps your people have died for, yet these American blacks drop out of school, join gangs, rob, murder, abuse drugs and live in squaller.

    Even the taxi driver from Nigeria refuses to pick up American black fares. He quickly learns the statistical risk. Obviously he makes a decision based on race. Are we to imply the Nigerian is prejudiced?
  2. Since no one has put this silliness to the test, I guess I have to step up to the plate.

    1. Yes, the Nigerian in question is pre-judging based on limited experience an incomplete information, as well as a potentially damaged psyche.

    It is well documented that the colonized become like the colonizers. This would include built-in racism. Very much like battered wife syndrome. Go along to get along. This includes the Asians, regardless of country.

    Before I type the rest of this, I need to qualify this by saying that to the simple-minded Race=Culture, and since Past Prime has shown that he is a simple racist, rather than a much more sophisticated "racialist", I will use Race, and Culture interchagably. When I say Whites, understand that I mean western culture, and not all fair-skinned people. Only a simple minded racist would make such a gross over-simplification as that.

    That said.....

    Whites are, and have always been violently xenophobic. For good reason. Many whites, like good old Past here, understand that the Nordic ideal is very fragile. After all, blue eyes, blond hair, and white skin are ALL genetically recessive. Those whites that want a white heaven are in deeeeep trouble.

    Past, the simple racist, knows that his ideals will be bred out of existence, it is merely a matter of time.

    You see, to maintain the ideal that Past has would be interfamilial breeding by definition. We know what happens when there is too much of that.

    Now, if Past were a racialist, like the National Socialists, we could perhaps have a more detailed discussion about culture.

    Oh well, there may be a Nazi or two reading this, so let's continue.

    Whites, because of their genetic imperative, have built an impressive culture. Indeed, it is the envy of the world. Capitalism is the engine that drives progress. Talent is rewarded, consequently, talent is displayed.

    Blacks, however, are socialistic by nature. Any time spent in their communities will display this fact. The problem is, socialism penalizes talent, so talent is either not displayed, or it goes somewhere else.

    There are negative aspects to Black culture, but let's be fair and balanced, shall we?

    The question that the racist, and the racialist for that matter will deflect and avoid, is APPALACHIA

    You know, up there in those mountains where vaginas are exploited, regardless of whether it is your sister, or your daughter, or your mother.

    Appalachia....funny how the media cannot penetrate that veil.

    Appalachia...the dirty little secret of Past and all those like him.

    Most Appalachians have fair skin, and are clearly lacking in civilization.

    Are they more human than blacks, Past?
  3. Perfect reply Mister Dragoon.

    Pabst is talking Mars and Venus and you bring up Jupiter (Appalachia) and a Saturn moon (Nazi's). Write off the Black as a 40 ounce socialistic culture? Hence "socialism penalizes talent, so talent is either not displayed, or it goes somewhere else." What a croc.

    Meanwhile back at the immigrant ranch of menial jobs and learning English, people are busy and no one has time to care and rightly so, most immigrants or successes seldom see themselves as something "special".
  4. You're the single dumbest person on ET. You couldn't have made my own point better.

    The "heart" of Appalachia is West Virginia.

    West Virginia has a population of 1,818,470. Blacks make up around 3.5% of WV's population. In 2004 WV had 68 murders and 853 robberies.

    Detroit has a population of 914,353. Exactly half that of WV. Detroit is 81% black. In 2004 Detroit suffered 385 homicides and 5,451 robberies.
    Hence the homicide rate in Detroit is more than 10 times that of WV and the robbery rate almost 12x greater.

    (I could've picked even worse stats than those of Detroit but I needed a population fit)

    Now let's look at dollars spent per student. Detroit schools are 90% black, have an avg. of 19 students per class and spend $10,576 per pupil. Over 60% of Detroit students will drop out.

    West Virginia by comparison spends just $7,501 (not a pittance/19th in the U.S.) West Virginia's drop out rate is just 18%.

    So despite the fact that Detroit spends 40% more per student on education than West Virginia, Detroit is 10 times more dangerous than WV. So much for the NEA's attempts to link school funding to social achievement.

    Now I'm sure you'll come from under your rock with some expletive filled, indeciphrable diatribe with non-sequiturs and personal attacks. Modus operandi of the Left.
  5. Pabst,

    I think you've described yourself as a racist before, but perhaps that's not really accurate. A racist is a person that considers their race to be genetically superior to another race. I could be wrong , but I don't think you believe that.

    I believe that rather than a racist, you are a culturalist. You most likely believe that your culture is superior to black culture and could probably prove this statistically. I also think many others of various races quietly have this same viewpoint using just simple common sense. I'd also go as far as saying some blacks (i.e. Bill Cosby, Thomas Sowell, etc.) acknowledge that the black community has a huge problem.

    I personally believe entitlement programs are a big source of the problem. Living in metro Atlanta, I'm very close to these issues.
  6. I kid around but you're exactly right. I'm not a racist. I don't believe whites are genetically superior to any other race. Hell by many traditional “yardsticks” one could argue Asians are superior to everyone, lol.

    Being someone who lived 4 plus decades inside the city of Chicago-a place that's only 34% non-Hispanic white-I've known far too many bright black people to think Black's intrinsically lack the goods. I also view entitlement as learned culture from whites.

    After all it's white Europe and America who were all too happy exchanging a tent to a Bedouin for a barrel of crude, swapping a bowl of rice for a suit made in China, happy to get their lawn mowed cheaply by someone confined to a barrio.

    Just look at how many white libs oppose domestic oil exploration while bitching about gas prices. Or whine about "corporate tax breaks sending jobs overseas" while they buy any foreign pos they can if it means shaving a few bucks off the cost of an American made product.

    Even much of the rap culture is learned from whites. Who didn't grow up near criminal Mafia types driving flashy Cadillacs with gaudy gold chains......
  7. Hey!! I thought you said I was the single dumbest person here!!
  8. You have quite a few naive views and at times you don't step out of the box but dumb? Not by a long shot.
  9. hughb


    Chinese South Africans now black
    The High Court in South Africa has ruled that Chinese South Africans are to be reclassified as black people.

    It made the order so that ethnic Chinese could benefit from affirmative action policies, aimed at improving living standards for black people.

    The Chinese Association of South Africa took the government to court, saying its members had been discriminated against.

    An estimated 200,000 ethnic Chinese live in South Africa.

    The association said their members often failed to qualify for business contracts and job promotions because they were regarded as whites.

    The association said Chinese South Africans had faced widespread discrimination during the years of apartheid when they had been classified as people of mixed race.

    The BBC's Mpho Lakaje in Johannesburg says the Broad-Based Economic Empowerment and the Employment Equity Acts were designed to eradicate the legacy of apartheid which left many black people impoverished.

    The laws give people classed as blacks, Indians and coloureds (mixed-race) employment and other economic benefits over other racial groups.

    The Black Economic Employment concept was initiated by the governing ANC to help previously disadvantaged individuals - to start their own businesses or become part of existing companies - thus redressing the country's historic inequalities.

    Whites still on top

    Our correspondent says the ruling provides clarity for corporations in South Africa on the rights of their Chinese staff - who were declared "coloured" under apartheid but are generally regarded as white today.

    An example cited in court papers includes an oil company that disqualified Chinese citizens from getting a slice of its biggest empowerment transaction to date.

    The company says the group is not catered for in the Black Economic Empowerment codes.

    Another example includes a Chinese national who was refused an opportunity to buy shares from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange two years ago.

    None of the three government departments cited as respondents in the court case opposed the application.

    A study released last month revealed that white South Africans still earn around 450% more than their black counterparts, 14 years after the end of apartheid.

    Story from BBC NEWS:

    Published: 2008/06/18 14:51:25 GMT


    Just thought I'd throw this in here....
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    I can't figure out if Obama is the real deal or just another black guy asking for change.
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