Race card played

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  1. Didn't take long to get to this. Why am I not surprised.
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican senators' angry criticism of U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice over her initial account of the deadly Sept. 11 attack in Libya smacks of sexism and racism, a dozen female members of the House said Friday.
    In unusually personal terms, the Democratic women lashed out at Sens. John McCain and Lindsey Graham who earlier this week called Rice unqualified and untrustworthy and promised to scuttle her nomination if President Barack Obama nominates her to succeed Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton.
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    Which card was played, the queen of spades? :)
  3. And you wonder why your lost so dramatically. As Jindal said, the Party of Stupid.
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    1)"Dramatically" only on the Electoral votes, NOT the popular vote.
    2)I do not wonder why we lost numb nuts.

    In fact I know exactly why we lost. I've posted it repeatedly.
    Simple. The entitlement/affirmative action/free loader/illegal alien/parasite class and their bleeding heart liberal cheerleaders outnumber the productive tax payers.

    It's not something to be proud about.
  5. They could have accomplished the same thing by keeping their mouths shut and waited until Rice's confirmation hearing. At that time they could have had read into the record the transcripts of Rice's repeated statements that made it clear that she was unwilling or unable to make the connection between the date 9/11 and an attack on a US embassy.

    Anyone who doesn't know that an attack on a US embassy on 9/11 is a terrorist attack is an idiot. The only ones dumber than Rice are McCain and Graham.
  6. 50.5% voted for Obama
    49.5% voted for someone other than Obama
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    Not exactly "dramatic".
  8. Obama 50.6

    Romney 47.8

    Obama 332

    Romney 206

    = Dramatic
  9. Just because you post it repeatedly doesn't make it true
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    Like I said Not exactly "dramatic".

    The EC does not directly or even accurately represent the number of votes/voters.
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