Rabobank results 2008

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  1. Net profit up 2% to EUR 2.8 billion
    Negative effects of credit crisis on net profit: EUR 0.7 billion in 2nd half of 2008 and EUR 0.5 billion in 1st half of 2008
    One-off gains, including the sale of Alex and the consolidation of Bank BGZ
    Tier I ratio at 12.7%
    Return on equity 9.7%
    Equity up 7% to EUR 33.5 billion
    Income up 6%, operating expenses down 1%; efficiency ratio improved to 65.3%
    … and, in a turbulent year for the financial sector, is there for its clients

    Private loan portfolio up 11% to EUR 408.6 billion
    Lending to Dutch SME sector up 21% to EUR 55.7 billion
    Amounts due to customers up 10% to EUR 304.2 billion
    Savings up 13% to EUR 114.7 billion
    Market share in savings increased to 43% and in mortgages to 30%


    Not a single penny received from the government so far.

    How is this possible?

    A global bank that isnt bankrupt to the tune of billions of $?


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