Rabbis' wives urge girls not to date or work with Arabs

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  1. Ricter


    Their culture has long called for inbreeding.
  2. Yes, they must keep the race pure.

    Now, where have I heard that kind of thinking before?
  3. you do not need to look further than 3770HOMO.
  4. jem


    I respect a culture which thinks their culture is worthy of protection.
    What I don't respect is people who support cultural protection for their own culture but P.C. and diversity crap for others.

    diversity sucks. melting pot is good.
  5. I wouldn't want my daughter marrying a man whose culture intends to kill her and other infidels.
    Regarding Christians & Jews, I don't see a problem. The Clintons approve. [​IMG]
  6. Well, I don't listen to my priest all the time.
    Look at Barry, he listened to his Reverend Wrong's sermons for 20 years and didn't hear a word he said! [​IMG]
  7. 377OHMS


    Anti-semitism is in fashion now thanks to our anti-semitic president.

    Isn't it remarkable how Islamofascism so closely resembles the Nazis with regard to their treatment of jews and other religions?

    In honor of your post Sammy I've made a donation today to a group in Jerusalem that builds housing on the east side of town.

    Better to see Jerusalem destroyed than be occupied by filthy arabs ever again. :)

    Eventually we're just going to have all that crap dynamited off the top of the temple mount to put in a soccer field for Israeli school children and a gefeltefish factory.
  8. You're full of crap. Makes as much sense as saying you're represented by the KKK, the Klan, and you burn crosses for fun and profit.
  9. Some Jews help us Christians celebrate Christmas. I don't have a problem with them.

    If a Jew got to know you as an individual and saw you as harmless, they'll treat you fine. Now, replace Jew with anyone. You'll see they're just like anybody else.

    The Muslims are different. [​IMG]
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