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  1. if you are a member, cme only charges $1.08 for trading the eminis. thus, most of the futures firms are making a killing off of their customers. this is highway/internet robbery to the nth degree. are there brokers that charge less than $2 r/t?
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    Factor in cost of a seat and electronic access.
    You need to pay several salaries.
    How much is a CME seat cost?
    The other option is your own GLOBEX terminal.
    GLOBEX charges $200/month just for the software.
    CME also charges $1000/month for "NETWORK BANDWIDTH ACCESS" on 56K and $3500/month for T1 line access. They also charge $2000 to install the line.

    I did the math.............looks cheaper to use REFCO!


  3. Bladerunner,

    Every account that trades through the CME has to be set up with the Member/Non-Member status attached. If you want to Lease a Seat for $3600 per month and become a member of the CME, you will only pay $.195 per lot in CME clearing and $50 per day in Globex fees. This compares to customer fees of: $1.12 per lot plus $.04 per lot in NFA Fees.

    You need to do the math and figure out if it makes sense to become a member. If you decide to become e member it does not matter who you clear through.


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  4. Bladerunner,

    Hey....I bet your the kind of guy that complains about not getting paid enough at work......

    but then when the customers want lower costs from your company...I bet you complain about that too.

    It is so naive to make the statement you posted. What do you think the profit is with other industries?

    Do you think it is as simple as getting the wholesale cost and comparing it to the retail cost?

    You remind me of those people who are miserable failures. That narrow minded miserable attitude with an ego.

    Hey I bet your the kinda guy who buys a used car...and if it's advertised for 1k you want it for 800....and if it were advertised for 800....youu would want 600.....I bet you would even want it delivered to you if it were free! The American way right?

    Michael B.
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    Blade just likes to see himself post without doing any kind of his own reasearch.
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    Thanks, Riskless. Useful info!
  7. The f*** CME exchange fee for retail customers is $2.24 per roundturn,
    whereas EUREX non-member fee is only about $1.00 per roundturn.