R programming questions..

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  1. hft_boy


    It's just style. Same thing as hsb2_small, but R is so cool that there are no objects or arrays going on here.
  2. nice.. thanks

    heres what 've been working on

  4. Wow - the volatility surface.

    Are you looking for kinks to exploit?
  5. "kinks to exploit" haha.. coming on to me? haha

    i'm just trying to make it work right now..

  6. [​IMG]

    do these look right at all to you guys?
  7. hey caveman, are you using IBrokers and tws with R to do all of this ? I am actually looking to do the same kind of stuff and wanted to know where you started out with all fo this.
  8. No... I use a function in quantmod...to get yahoo quotes
    #10     Mar 18, 2013