R.I.P. FileSonic & Uploaded.to

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  2. funny i never even heard of Megaupload till they got busted :confused:
  3. rumor is they will be back up soon
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    38-year-old Kim Dotcom (Schmitz) a German national, made 115k per day as the owner of Megaupload. He was cut out of his saferoom by the police, and currently is denied bail in New Zealand.

    Luxury cars confiscated: more than a dozen
    Money earned per day: 115 000 dollars
    Living in a country (let's say Germany) where there is no US extradiction: PRICELESS

    Description of his luxury life:


    How to spend 10 million over a weekend in Monaco:

  5. where is that income stream coming from in a mostly free site like that? :confused:
  6. so r the glory daze ova?
  7. ads and paid membership for faster and unlimited downloads
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    A few years ago I used to watch movies using Megaupload. Their free policy was that after X minutes of watching, you had to wait Y minutes before the movie continued and to avoid that, you had to be a paying member.

    They had shitload of ads, and when you have such a huge user base, you can pretty much charge anything.