R&D trading assistant.

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  1. polestar


    Is your trading stagnant? Do you wish to expand your approach?

    I am a research and development specialist. I work with price, volume, and time & sales patterns. I specialize in pattern recognition and building software alerts based on patterns.

    I have built 2 successful pattern recognition alert packages using tradestation, and in use by traders at prop shops.

    My research & development is unique, and can be tailored to your needs.

    If you are interested, please send me a private message. All general comments are welcome as well.

    The question may arise - why dont I trade myself? The answer is that I am unable to cope with the stress of discretionary trading.
  2. Your capital or mine?
  3. polestar


    I have no capital for trading, nor is it my goal to obtain such capital.

    I am looking to assist someone in developing or enhancing their own discretionary or system methodology.

    In return I wish to be paid for my services. That is all.

    I am not asking for capital, I am not lending capital, I am not asking to manage, or asking anyone to manage any accounts.