Qwest DSL or COX Cable?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by lindq, Apr 17, 2004.

  1. lindq


    I've recently moved, and signed with Cox cable for internet. Not happy with the reliability.

    Has anyone used QWEST DSL? Any problems?
  2. Have you looked into Speakeasy.net ?
    They use phone company lines like Qwest.
    I'm very happy with them.
    One of the reasons it's better is they use
    software called Internap, which routes
    internet requests the fastest way available.
    It really speeds up pages.
    They also have great customer service.

  3. I use Cox & Earthlink DSL( Earthlink offers 1.5mbps, same as a T1). Both feed into a Nexland switch that will either combine their bandwidth or switch when one fails. Have used Qwest...now I don't:)
  4. Dave,

    do you have a model #/name for the Nexland
    switch and possibly a place to buy it?

    So you just connect your two modem outputs
    to the box and then it's output feeds your
    computer (or in my case would feed a wifi
    base station) via ethernet?

  5. lindq


    Thanks. I'm more interested in reliability than speed. Have you had downtime problems with Cox? I seem to have quite a few brief disruptions during the day.