QUOTREK - streaming wireless quotes.

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    The NEW QuoTrek - wireless streaming quotes!!

    It's official, the QuoTrek Beta is now available for MarketCenter and eSignal users to test. User's current username and password will work with QuoTrek Beta. User's will have access to the exchanges they have on their MarketCenter or eSignal account.

    Go to http://www.QuoTrek.com to download the QuoTrek application to your Pocket PC, Palm or RIM BlackBerry.

    We have added some FAQ's and installation instructions for the Palm and RIM BlackBerry to the web site.

    The current version is 20040106a for all three PDA's ( Pocket PC, Palm or RIM BlackBerry). You can check on the About Tab on the QuoTrek Menu to see what version you are running.

    We will be updating the QuoTrek application frequently so make sure you update your PDA when a new version is released.

  2. Thanks, Another reason to make me buy HP iPaq H5555
    PDA very soon. Keep it up ESignal, Nice feature
  3. If I understand correctly, a subscriber at the Quotrek and Marketcenter has to pay every exchange fee, e.g. if I want the future I will have to pay the 33$/monthly for the CME, is it right?

    If I have already an eSignal subscription, I suppose that we don't have to pay exchange fee again, is it right?

    My last question: in earlier post, we have already discuss about the fact the Forex data are expensive and that eSignal is not enable to do a better price than 50$/month, but could you explain to us why the price is 33$/month for a Marketcenter subscription since the data are the same?
  4. Why there is $25 monthly subscribtion charge to use
    Quotrek for esignal users?
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    Interesting questions ...

    If you have a MarketCenter or eSignal account there are no exchange fees. It is treated as one account enabled for the exchanges active on that account.

    On pricing, we are always reviewing pricing. MarketCenter is a much different product than eSignal. Forex use to be mainly for professional traders in Europe, but now is much more wide spread retail product. We have thought about pricing it differently but nothing to announce yet.

    On the Quotrek pricing - the old Quotrek, which was much less of a product, averaged about $110 per month and we still have users on it - so $49 standalone and $25 as an add on to eSignal seems reasonable.

    Quotrek will be a great product for emini and FX traders since those markets trade 24 hours a day!


  6. chuck,

    will alarms be available on the new quotrek ?


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    No, it doesn't have alarms ... yet. That is an obvious feature we will add.

    Version 1 also doesn't have integrated trading, but it will.

    We have been showing the Quotrek to our brokerage partners for the last couple of months and they are wild about it! Just like many of them pay for a customer's eSignal account if the customer is an active trader, I am sure there will be free offers on the Quotrek from these brokerages too.

  8. I agree with you that now the Forex is becoming a retail product and I will not be surprising that the most retail borkers will offer it before the end of this year. The US dollars plunge have propably accelerate the process and many firm as Interactive Borkers have announced it, for them this will be in near future. I think that this could be welcome from eSignal to have a better offer on Forex.
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    I don't believe IB has announced anything on spot forex. They do offer conversions but no leverage and a very wide spread...their forex support is only to assist moving money between accounts denominated in different currencies.

  10. excellent. i am looking forward to the beta test.


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