QUOTREK Portable Stock Quote Device

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  1. Quotrek Stock Quote Device by Lotus Information Network allows instant over the air stock quotes in many cities throughout the US. It allows lots more info like the pros use than a simple bid ask spread. Requires a subscription to a data feed like Data Broadcasting Service

    REAL TIME trading in your pocket when away from the PC.

    ..Unit like this cost $300 new. I sell it for $140 (negotiable)

    Paypal, visa/MC are all options
    Click here to purchase

    P.S. I 'll through in shipping for FREE ! - what the hell!!!

    P.P.S. comes with book, stand and antenna
  2. hey, i have one of those. can you advise as to how i can have it turned on ?? i thought they stopped broadcasting years ago.


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    This is interesting ... there is only one market still alive and that is New York City and it will be shut down early next year. We have not been signing up anyone on this service for over 6 years, just winding it down.

    The good news is a Quotrek2 is coming. It will be an add on to your eSignal or MarketCenter account able to follow the same markets (stocks, futures, FX, and International). It will run on these new wireless PDAs and Cell phones (PocketPC, Blackberry) and have streaming quotes, news, and CHARTS!

    Look for Quotrek2 in the coming weeks ...


  4. will this run on the palm platform ? will it be available as a stand alone product ?? lotus information per the previous post apparently also provides data for these units. any truth to this ?

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    Probably the Plam too. Palm has been slow to support the wireless part of it. It is not always built -in. But you'll see the PocketPC version first.

    That other company is us. When the original Quotrek was launched the company was Dataspeed, purchased by Lotus, now eSignal!

  6. eSignal is owned by Lotus?
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    Many, many years ago we were owned by Lotus, then Data Broadcasting. We are now owned by Interactive Data Corp (NYSE:IDC) and and run as a division called eSignal.

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  9. On the Blackberry? Beautiful.
  10. This technology is currently available from HillCast.com. Equities and FX are also available across Pocket PC, Palm and the RIM Blackberry, plus J2ME phones. Why wait when you can get it now!
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