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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by riskarb, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. Made the mistake of buying a Blackberry 7230 from Tmobile this weekend to run Quotrek, only to find that it requires the BEServer to operate, unfortunately, this is a retail offering and not running through a corp network.

    It will NOT run on a retail BB unit, you must be running on a corporate BEServer environment -- a small matter conveniently left out of the www.quotrek.com literature.

    Thanks Esig, rest assured I'll be canceling my sub to esig...

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    There are still many things to learn in this space and we are still in a beta. We've been working with some professional traders who love the Blackberry - but it runs through their servers for internet connectivity.

    We are working with the RIM people on how this works without a corporate server but don't have that figured out.

    There are lots other devices that do work. My experience on Tmobile isn't good either, but some have no trouble. ATT Wireless, Verizon, and Sprint have all worked well for me.

  3. riskarb -

    They're feeling around in the dark - unfortunately you got groped.

    Never be one of the first to jump on ANY datafeed vendor's new offering - especially if it involves delivery technology they haven't already been using for a couple of years.
  4. Riskarb:

    What did the Blackberry cost? How will this be resolved? Will you be returning the blackberry unit to the reseller?
  5. Yeah, hear that... never again. Problem being that Esig never mentioned it, nary a word.

    I started this thread to let ppl know, apparently Esig doesn't deem it necessary to release the fact that it won't work w/o a BEserver.

    Telling clients that it works with "other hardware" is laughable.

  6. $400... I'll probably return it.

  7. You've got to be kidding. How many traders are running on a "corporate" network? Idiots.
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    As indicated, we are learning a bit as we go here. Now that we understand the limitation you encountered, we have posted an updated requirement spec for BlackBerry users. Certainly not in our interest to ever mis-lead customers and we do apologize for taking up your time.

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    One article quoted roughly 150,000 Blackberry users from Wall Street firms. The Blackberry device has really been geared more for businesses than individuals. Here's a good section of the Blackberry/RIM site that discusses what industries they've penetrated with their technology. If I'm not mistaken, I believe Blackberry/RIM devices are being used by the US Senate as well.

    The Pocket PC seems to have more of a retail following.

  10. riskarb,

    I trust you received my PM regarding the BES setup as well for MidCast. There is a property featured on the Blackberry Enterprise Server called Mobile Data Services that permits streaming content on a Blackberry handheld. Unfortunately RIM has yet to enable that property to be used by consumers like yourself who are using RIM's web client for web access. That's why a Palm or Pocket PC based solution is better. No additional server costs!

    Unfortunately it is something a T-Mobile or AT&T or any wireless rep will not know alot about. That's we try to spell that out on our website and Handango when marketing MidCast and MidCast Pro.
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