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  1. manustone


    Hi all
    I am newbie to trading.
    I hear frequently the word QUOTING. Probably I am wrong but I have the following doubt

    1. does it mean just defining a price for a single order ( either buy or sell ) that I am going to send soon.

    2. it is when I send 2 orders ( BUY + SELL ) at the same exact time? Some kind of type of order

    3. It is just sending a single order ( either buy or sell ) .We use the word QUOTE to distinguish the order from the order that comes next i.e the HEDGE.

    I hope you can help me
  2. rosy2


    i think of it as a market quote. so it is the bid/offer of a security. I refer to the act of quoting as placing both bids and offers for the same security thus making a market.
  3. manustone


    I thank you very much