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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by smithi, Mar 18, 2007.

  1. smithi


    does anyone else get an hour gap in the chart when doing a back fill of intraday Eur future from IB
  2. mjh


    I had the same problem. You can do one of two things.

    1) Close all charts and then click on the portfolio screen to backfill the items you want. Then click on them and your new screen should come up normal.

    2) If that doesn't work, then you need to update using this update. Don't worry, just copy to your existing QuoteTracker file folder and install over the old one. It will not remove your stocks, portfolios etc. Here's the link=>>>http://www.quotetracker.com/beta
  3. ddunbar

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    Excellent suggestions.

    If I might add; I always start my trading day with a "clear all chart data" then do a backfill. I started this after noticing gaps or wrong indicator values as compared ot my Sierra charts setup.
  4. smithi


    thanks for the response but it don't think this is related to clearing the data. this is a gap in the last hourof data. It has somthing to do with the new DST because clocks are moved forward sooner. Either Quotetracker or IB need to fix somthing
  5. Make sure you have a recent Java release. I think 1.5.0_9 or later. Java gets its DST data internally - not from the operating system, so even if Windows updates have been applied, you might still have problems with older Java releases. Check http://www.javasoft.com for moreinfo. There should be no changes needed to TWS if you have a recent Java.
  6. moo


    Same problem here. One hour gap in all QT charts.
  7. I upgraded to the latest and greatest from the quotetracker.com web site and the 1 hour gap was fixed.
  8. Schaefer


    I concur, good stuff :D

  9. moo


    Newest beta (3.8.2e) still did not fix this problem. Cannot get backfills for the latest hour. I do have Java 6 and everything else up to date as well.
  10. moo


    Change to summer time here in Europe seems to have fixed this problem.
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