QuoteTrader's Chart Trading (NEW!)

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  1. Interested in trying the new Chart Trading and Order Management functionality in QuoteTrader?

    <b>How it Works</b>
    1. Quickly identify where to enter your trade by referencing the bid & ask on the chart
    2. Hover your mouse to your target price
    3. Enter your order

    <b>Once your order's entered . . .</b>
    4. Change by dragging and dropping the order in the chart
    5. You're filled order, and position's P&L are visible and updates in the chart.

    <b>More Information</b>
    For more information, please visit this pre-release instruction site:

    <b>Download & Install</b>
    Trade & order management now exists in QuoteTrader's pre-release version, available here:

    <b>Continuing Education</b>
    We'll be covering this feature in the upcoming live demonstration webinar, this Monday, October 1 at 1:30 pm pt, 4:30 et.
    If you're interested and available, please visit the following link at the scheduled time:

    Please send additional feedback to trading@quote.com, and thank you for using QuoteTrader,

    QuoteTrader Product Management