"QuoteTrader with Interactive Brokers" webinar, Mon 7/16 at 1:30p, 4:30 e

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  1. QuoteTrader and Interactive Brokers, Webinar - Monday, July 16th at 1:30 pt/4:30 et!

    "QuoteTrader and Interactive Brokers" is the topic of the next QuoteTrader Webinar, scheduled for Monday, July 16th, at 1:30 pacific, 4:30 eastern.
    To attend, please visit http://esignal.acrobat.com/r47733452/ at the scheduled time.

    Alternatively, the Video Playlist has been updated with additional "how to" clips, including FREE fundamental analysis available through QuoteTrader's integration with Quote.com!
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    For more information, send an email to trading@quote.com, or visit us online at http://www.quote.com.


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  2. I downloaded quote trader, and when I click to start, after few seconds, a window open and displayed " Failed to check entitlements. Ensure that esignal is correctly installed and try again." Please let me know what that mean and what I need to do next.

  3. Hi CHACHA420,

    Have you registered?

    If so, refer to the Welcome Email you received, which contains the username and password you created during registration.
    Then, in Windows, click "Start -> All Programs -> eSignal -> Data Manager"
    In the Data Manager, click "File -> Properties", and enter your username & password in the respective fields.

    If you haven't registered, please review the following video demonstrating the process.

    QuoteTrader Registration Demonstration
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    You should be up & running in no time :)

    Let me know if I can assist you further,

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  4. Yes I registered first and then downloaded after receiving the welcome email.

    I followed your instructions and configure the data manager according to the user name and password as confirmed the email. But now it seems I have some Error msg. "Error Invalid user name or pSW. " AND I checked my username and password and trid couple of more times but resulit is the same. And Yes I remember it was case sensetavie password. Please let me know what I need to do next.

    Thank you very much
  5. Hi CHACHA420,

    Thank you for the email, it was very helpful and allowed me to confirm your QuoteTrader account registration is completed and you're account active - I just checked on my desktop :)

    If you'd like a demo, or any further assistence, please send me an email with a time that fits best for your schedule (and if there's an alternate ph number than the one I have associated w/your account).


  6. thrunner


    Same result here as described by CHACHA420 : checking entitlement. This is not a user or password problem. A successful registration process is just not automated - you will have to jump through additional hoops. There is no reason why you would need Esignal Data Manager authentication to log on to their server in order for your broker datafeed to work (eg IB TWS API). This is another layer of complexity that is not required and suggests that QuoteTrader is really setting up for marketing another service (Quote.com or Esignal) in the future.
    My suggestion to Brent/Quotetrader/Quote.com/Esignal is that you make your product easily and freely trial-able and if it is a good product it will succeed - even if users have to pay a fee for it.