QuoteTrader or NinjaTrader and do I need Ensign or Sierra?

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  1. I'm trying to navigate my way through all the choices of software for day trading. I have searched the forums quite a bit and I'm in the process of trying out some software. I find the software very complicated to use and I'd like to get some feedback before investing a lot of time in learning them.

    My broker is IB. So far I played with NinjaTrader and OpenQuant. I prefer NinjaTrader slightly. I'm not saying it's better, just easier for me to learn and use.

    I hope someone can shed some light on this for me. My goal is to use the majority of my portfolio for swing trading. For this purpose I'm quite happy with my ActiveTrader software from Fidelity. But I also want to do daytrading with YM and Fidelity doesn't do futures hence IB and the other software.

    I see people recommend Ensign and Sierra. I'm curious if how NinjaTrader's charting compares? And what about QuoteTrader? I just installed QuoteTrader but it's not working, I think it might be a server issue, so at least tonight I can't test it out. Basically my idea is if Ninjatrader can do everything then i'll just pay for it. But I'm not wild about the charting. I find it complicated to use. For example, I can't even figure out how to turn off the extended hours data. Sometimes I get frustrated cause I can't do something that is really simple with ActiveTrader.

    I guess the real question is this: Just how much better are Sierra & Ensign than NinjaTrader and/or QuoteTrader?

  2. Hi Brent, thanks for your reply. The error I'm receiving is "invalid username or PSW". I'm positive it's correct (copy pasted from the web page). Searching here I found a thread with people having the exact same problem.

    Looking forward to trying it out.
  3. There's an email sent after registration, and at the top is a link that activates your account. Have you done that?
    Here's a 3 min video that covers regstration:

    I think you'll like it - looking forward to hearing your thoughts :)

  4. Big AAPL

    Big AAPL

    Chart properties are accessible via:

    Right mouse click context menu within a chart window
    Double click on any part of the chart canvas
    Chart Toolbar icon

    Scroll down to Data Series, then enter your preferred charting times in the Session Begins and Session Ends data fields. Click APPLY then OK.
  5. Yes I did that, three times. I get the confirmation page and that's how I downloaded the software. Then I was surprised that it said there was an update since I just downloaded it. I installed the update. Same thing. I uninstalled it all and reinstalled (I read that it worked for someone else). Same problem.

    I'll email you my account # & userid.

    Thanks for helping
  6. I use NinjaTrader and Quote Tracker.

    For scalping they work just fine.

    Good luck.
  7. As far as charting goes QuoteTRACKER is one of the best. Frankly Quotetrader is just another QuoteTRACKER(www.quotetracker.com) wannabe.
  8. Aok



    I cant tell you much except this.

    There is no one all powerful charting software. Indeed the BEST software is the one YOU know how to use and are effective with it.

    Computers/programs are so powerful today that the difference in their programming is in the subtle differences that are particular to your needs. Unless you write your own, there is no one software that satisfies everyone.

    So, if you do a little bit of homework you can narrow your universe down which you seem to have.

    I dont know your needs or your budget but, Ensign, Quotetracker, Sierra are the usual suspects that are probably the most popular on this board and are also sub 50$/month. A pittance compared to what you get.

    My advice would be to 30 day trial each although not at the same time. And focus on your primary charting/analysis concerns and whether said charting program can address them.

    For example, do you intend to write to your own indicators? Sierra/Ensign no problem. Quotetracker is far more limited.

    Do you need a data vendor or do you intend to use IB data to power your software? If the latter all 3 programs will suffice. If not Quotetracker has far more data options available.

    Become effective with your methodology with whatever software you choose. Then you can seek out more powerful software in the future.

    You cant eat an elephant overnight but you could over a year, same thing with your software expertise. Start slow and learn the fundamental strengths/weaknesses of your analysis choices.

    Ive tried ALOT of different programs in my merry-go-round of program dieting so if you have specific questions on a platform post em here or pm me.

  9. Personally if I was just swing trading I'd drop your order entry tools and either use

    Sierra Chart (cheap and very capable) or

    just use TWS's charting (no cost but less capable)

    I'd use TWS for order entry and management. You did say swing trading not scalping so why complicate your life?
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