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    Hi, I am new to the active trading. Just opened account with IB and considering to use Quotetracker for the chart. I am just wondering if there is security issues with providing user name and password to Quotetracker. Thank you very much for your kindly replies.
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  2. I've been using it with Scottrade for over a year with no problems.

    It just needs to account information to access the broker's servers in order to get chart data (and possibly order data if QT supports orders with your broker; I can't place orders through Scottrade with QT so this doesn't apply to me).

    It's fine. QT is good software and has a good reputation on this board. Search, or go to the software reviews here and find Medved QuoteTracker. Or here I'll just give you the link:


    I've even emailed them a few times and gotten a fast, helpful response. It's a good company and good software.
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    QT does not require your log in information for IB
  4. I've never used IB. Just out of curiosity, how does it interface with your IB account then if you don't have to enter your login info?
  5. You log in to TWS, then start QT and it will connect if you have IB as the quote source selected. QT uses the API interface.

    You need to set the "enable" in TWS. I forget the exact location and name in TWS. Something like "Enable Sockets" under Optiions?

    Post back if you can't figure it out.

    Edit:bahdabing posted the exact method in the link below
  6. Here is how they do it--simple really>>>>

    You DO NOT have to use any account number from your IB account--Once you have TWS open QT will be good to go as long as you follow the set-up procedures as shown on the link.
  7. I like QT and I use it with my own broker's feed. Try to avoid opening too many real-time charts and it will work fine. Excellent software, nice charts, plenty of indicators, easy to change parametrs, set alerts, etc.