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  1. It turns out the problem is Medved Quote Tracker. It for some reason stopped sending my orders to IB's TWS program. It still takes the streaming prices though. Strange. I realized this morning when my orders wouldn't go through, that the problem must be QT. Sure enough I entered orders in TWS instead and everything was fine.

  2. I know someone who uses QuoteTracker and couldn't get the ES today. For the hell of it I told her to roll to the H3 contract - and it worked. I guess someone at Medved doesn't know that Thursday's the day :mad:
  3. How's the volume on the forward contracts? What's the new symbol for TWS and QT? I really should know these things, but I don't.

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  5. Symbol: GLOBEX:mad:ESH3

    Problems with orders - There were some changes in TWS 783. if you are using TWS 783 or above, please get the beta version of QT:

    You can also upgrade from withing QT - select OPTIONS/Edti Preferences. Click on MISC and make sure you have Beta notification enabled, then select OPTIONS/WebUpdate menu and let QT update all files

    Jerry Medved