Quotetracker with Ameritrade Streamer for Tick & Trin

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by VinnyB, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. VinnyB


    Is anyone using this combo? It suits my needs fine but I'm having trouble getting a tick or trin intraday chart. It's chopped up/missing data. I can get the values in the indicies area but can't correctly backfill the charts...just for these two symbols.

    QT support said to change the spike filter to 100%. Didn't work.

    Anyone familiar with this?


  2. auspiv


    i just added the two symbols $TICK and $TRIN, and it is working fine for me

    oh and they done have historical data for these.. all real-time
  3. You can always pump in DTN's "IQ-Feed" as your data-feed ( instead of AMTD's streamer ).

    It would only cost you about $55 or so.
    Works very well with Quotetracker.

  4. For accurate tick data you need DTN IQ feed, which is what I have, I pay 34 / month since I only trade NYSE listed securities.

    Its 30 month + 4$ / per exchange ( nasdaq, nyse, etc.)

    Its good though no freezes, fast data.

    Highly recomend it.
  5. VinnyB


    Not working for me at all now.

    Thanks for the replies, though.

  6. Get DTN/IQ Feed, it's what everyone else is using who has QuoteTracker and uses it to trade.

  7. Agreed 100% - I have it and love it.
  8. VinnyB


    Okay...got it. $TICK window has to be open from "the open" to collect data and can't be closed and reopened like Tradestation, etc.

    Since all is working now, any other reason to use DTN IQ over TD Ameritrade?

    Anyone see any difference in those two feeds?

    Really getting used to and digging QT!

    Thanks for the help all.
  9. That isn't universally true.

    You have to check your backfeed and make sure it is working correctly.

    If it is not don't be shy about sending people an email ... it's your money at stake, you know. :0)
  10. Schaefer


    Hi Vinny, you don't have to have a chart open to collect data. You could just put the ticker symbol in the portfolio list, and it will collect the data in real time.

    As for IQFeed, it really depends on your needs. But if you use tick charts, then it really is a must have. If you use time candles/bars, and volume candles/bars, then there really isn't much of a difference to justify the cost, especially if you're not a micro scalper.

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