QuoteTracker : what are the symbols for E Mini ?

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by pokket_rokkettx, Oct 27, 2009.

  1. Hi guys,

    If any of you guys could help me here.
    I'm using QuoteTracker streaming data from TDAmeritrade. I want to see real-time data of E Mini S&P, E Mini Nasdaq but don't know what the symbols are. I have tried ES9Z, NQ9Z but QuoteTracker doesn't recognize it.

    Any ideas ?

    Thanks a bunch,
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    Second of all, TD Ameritrade doesn't offer futures for trading. Thus, they provide zero market data for futures.
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    I use IB as my data source with QT, and the symbols are:

    S&P Emini -> GLOBEX:mad:ESZ9

    Nasdaq -> GLOBEX:mad:NQZ(

    Emini-Dow -> ECBOT:mad:YM DEC 09 (3 spaces after YM, 1 after DEC)
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    Thanks Hayman,

    I called Ameritrade and they said they don't do datafeed for futures. They said maybe next year or so.

    I may not have a choice but have to pay IQfeed a monthly fee of around $80($30 for basic feed, $50 for futures). That's a lot. You guys have any suggestions?

  6. Open an account with IB
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    Walk away from trading while you can... If you're complaining about $80/month then you're wayyyy under-capitalized, especially since TDA's commissions are 9.99 per side.
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    Open up an IB account. You can get Market Feed Futures data for $ 10/month, which will get waived if you accrue $ 30 or more commission for the month. QT supports the IB data feed quite well. To me, this is your best option. You may want to decide to trade with IB as well - commissions are better overall than TD Ameritrade, unless you are trading huge lots (I'm talking stocks here, of course).