quotetracker - trade off the chart?

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  1. can you trade off the chart with this software???
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  3. any good charitng software where you can trade off the charts?
    (not too expensive)
    I use ib and their charting is beyond terrible
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    Since you have IB data feed, try Sierra charts about 13 bucks a month -futs are a little extra.
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    I use qt with IB . works fine.
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    best combo out there concerning price and performance!
  7. Open E cry has this feature. And the charts and data are free with an account.
  8. thank you for all you replies. I really want just one software. I might try open e cry but I trade stocks only. I use quote tracker now but I can't trade directly off the charts. I might have to just spend more money on a real trading setup (currently use a laptop).
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    In the past I split my screen QT chart on top IB TWS on the bottom.

    With a laptop I can monitor a couple charts and watch the TWS at the same time.

    QT features allow you to bring a chart to full screen with a mouse click and if you want to put a trade on; one click takes you to TWS.

    Depending on how many positions you have open, you can do it with one screen.
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    What is the best type of chart to have open in QT While your trading? intraday,big,prophet,historical? Not sure if their all live.
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