QuoteTracker Slowing down my Internal PC Clock?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by FortuneTeller, Jun 20, 2008.

  1. I can use TradeStation without problems. I can use NinjaTrader charts, Dom, ect, without problems. I start up QT and my PC clock slows down and ruins the QT charts. The charts (and T&S) slow down more and more as time goes on. I talked to support and they say it isn't QT. But this only happens when I start up QT. Doesn't matter whether I have QT running on system time or not. I have tried old versions, ect., to no avail.

    Anyone ever have this problem or might know what is happening?
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    I use QT every day and have no problems... recently changed my machine and neither on the old machine nor on the new one I experience a slowdown :confused:
  3. As much as I am unimpressed by Qt this really doesn't seem to be Qt's fault. Something very weird is happening with your system so it might be time for a fresh windows install.
  4. Excellent Commentary

    I have used ....


    and others

    For charts.........Quotetracker

    For trading.......Genesis

    Every software has issues of sorts from time to time.....

    Both Quotetracker and Genesis have excellent people and
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    For NYSE and Nasdaq stocks......THE BEST !!!!!!!!
  5. Ah another love fest on QT hahahahah, to funny.

    I have used every software tradestation, esignal, aspen,CQG, realtick, you name it.... but QT is the best hahahahaha wink wink laugh laugh.
  6. Well like I said, I can run TradeStation and NinjaTrader together and no problem. I start up QT, and there goes my clock which affects both Ninja charts and QT charts. TradeStation is not affected whatsoever. I don't use QT charts but was just wondering why this happens or if anyone else has seen this. I have used QT before and it never did this until just recently. If I just run QT it still does the same thing.
  7. So out of what you have used what are you using now? Free charts from IB? ha ha
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    ^^ This statement

    ^^ coupled with this statement

    is very good evidence that this has nothing to do with QT directly. If you've used previous versions prior and they worked, something else must have changed on your system that is causing the problems (possibly conflicting with QT but not QT itself).

    Time to start uninstalling software you don't use. Don't rule anything out, if it isn't used on a daily basis or if you can reinstall it without a huge hassle, get rid of it. Then test to see if you have the problem again. Once all the unnecessary stuff is gone, start getting rid of the necessary stuff (as long as you can reinstall it) until the problem goes away. If all else fails, reinstall windows.

    Or, if you have backups (or can make them) and would like to save some time, just reinstall windows and start from scratch in the first step.
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