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  1. Jerry or someone, can you export a desktop for Quotetracker so I can load it to see what is possible with Quotetracker? is there a way to export it? I move between computers and need to do that quite often. Thanks
  2. the user files that hold all the settings that would need to be copied are documented at:

    If you do not have a backfill source and wish to copy the intraday data (and news), then you would also want to copy 2 files in the CACHE subfolder in the QT folder:

  3. Thanks Jerry, fast response as always. do you have some sample layouts that you can upload as a zip file so I can see what quotetracker is capable of?
  4. I don't, but some of our users might. May want to ask here or on our message boards. They would need to strip out their login info prior to sending to you

    if you want to see some stuff done with charts/paintbars, look at some posts by CMX in the Paintbar forum on our boards. He really went all out
  5. Hey Jerry, as mentioned in the other charting thread, I think you guys do an amazing job on QT, thanks for all the effort you put into it!

    Wondering if you have any plans in the near future for a few items:

    - A DOM style order entry interface (with some kind of TT patent workaround I imagine.) Would much prefer to use QT rather than Ninja for orders and just have the single app open.

    - The ability to save multiple layouts. I use different charts with a different layout in the AM and PM. Have to move every thing around by hand every day. The ability to save and then open a layout would be a huge plus.

    Anyway, after using QT for a while, those are my only wish list items, and that is pretty remarkable, so once again, really killer product.

  6. ArtfulDodger,


    DOM - do not have plans right now, but things can change.

    Multiple layouts - yes, thats high on the todo list.
  7. Thanks Jerry, I'll check it out.

  8. Schaefer


    Hi Jerry, I'm planning to use BookTrader from TWS along side QTs order entry window. Do you think the current/executed/pending orders would still show up on QTs transaction/orders log as well? Also, are there any reasons I shouldn't be doing it?

    Thanks in advance :)
  9. I was wondering, will it be possible to export data from OANDA onto QT? Their charting application is ok, but I like yours better. Both OANDA and IB use java, so I was wondering if this was possible at all, any plans of including it, etc? Thank you for giving us such a wonderful application!
  10. There should not be any problems with that.
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