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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by dumtom, Nov 19, 2002.

  1. dumtom


    I have been using Medved Quotetracker and getting free fed from Scott Trade. The Data I am getting seems to be a mess. Can anyone suggets a good low cost data sourc for Quotetracker? Thanks
  2. If your broker is IB, then you can use IB's data feed. If not, other low-cost alternatives are money.net and marketfeed.

  3. IQFeed works excellent with QuoteTracker. And it's tick-by-tick.
  4. django


    I'm trying to get Quotetracker working with IQfeed. I signed up today for their trial but get the popup error when logging into quotetracker: "Client Data Server has encountered problem and needs to close...". This occurs after the IQfeed user/passwd request. IB quotes worked previously.
  5. 8hcap


    I've noticed that IB's feed does not include volume in QuoteTracker. Any idea why this is? Scottrade has volume per trade included in the feed.
  6. django


    I get volume with IB datafeed. Make sure you are running the latest version - 3.0.1.
  7. 8hcap


    I have 3.0.1, no volume with the feed. I sent an email to QT to try and figure it out.
  8. django - We have a few people experience problems with the latest version of IQFeed. We are working to resolve the problem. You can ask our support for the old IQFeed files - those will work for Level I without a problem, but will not support Level II and backfill. We hope to have the issue resolved shortly

    8hcap - You must also be using the latest TWS version. Old ones did not support volume. In most cases, if you see VOLUME in TWS, you will see it in QuoteTracker

    NOTE: I am talking about the VOLUME column, NOT LAST SIZE

    Jerry Medved
  9. 8hcap


    Jerry, I found out it is a problem on IB's side. A server I'm on that's not updated yet. Volume did not show up in TWS either.

  10. django


    Anyone know what symbol format to use for eminis in Quotetracker with IQfeed? I've tried them all... I think.
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