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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by cmaxb, Aug 6, 2007.

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    Since the boards are down...In my charts, I have a certain amount of data loaded. The scrollbar takes up the whole width of the chart, making the bars really fat. This is only a problem with some symbols. E.g. Asian symbols have less data per day than American. If I load 3 days of American (ES), the bars look like the right width. But I need to load maybe 8 days of Asian data to have a good-looking chart. But in QT, days loaded is a global setting. So I either need to, 1) find a way to make the scrollbar wider than the chart to make the bars of data narrower, or 2) have some way to control days loaded per chart.
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    grab the scroll bar with your mouse pointer at the left and drag it to a desired width.
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    Right, but I can't drag it wider than the width of the chart. How do I make the bars narrrower without loading more data?
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    I am not a QT user,
    I misunderstood the question.
  5. You can't "compress" data that simply isn't there. Try changing from a candlestick chart on those thinly traded stocks/futures to a Range Candlestick chart. That'll do the trick.
  6. Lower the timeframe?


    I think I'm missing something here, in a 3 day 5 minute barchart there will be 200-300 bars, and they will be narrow on any screen, not?

  7. It depends on what it is. If u trade cattle or hogs etc, you'll be lucky to have that many bars in a month.
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    Actually, that's what I'm using. The more the range, the fewer the bars. Even if there are only two bars, you should be able to compress them. :(
  9. Ah, alright didn't get that. So, you use a timeframe that does form bars but then you only get a few bars a day? What's the use of these intraday bars then? Seems useless to do anything technical with them.

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    can't you add more room to the x axis using the drop down menu bar at the top left of the chart....this should compress the bars...or is this not what you are looking for?
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