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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by moo, Oct 23, 2007.

  1. moo


    A few problems with QuoteTracker that have bothered me for some time. I am using the latest version (3.8.6A) but these have been present in older versions too. My computer has WindowsXP with 1Gb of RAM.

    1) Backfill (via IB) for pre-market data not working (at least not for futures).

    2) Sometimes charts do not pop out when clicking a symbol. Or they do for a very short while before disappearing. This seems to happen for example after disconnecting an external monitor. The only way to get the charts visible again is to close and restart QT.

    3) Data for deleted symbols retained. For example, "show all charts" produces charts for expired futures that were deleted long time ago. Is there a way to erase data for deleted symbols completely?

    4) Maximizing a chart to fullscreen size sometimes shows only volume leaving the price display totally empty. Is this related to memory use? Closing other applications may (or may not) help.

    Does anyone have fixes to these?
  2. GaryN


    1. Do you have show premarket data checked on your Set Timeframes option?

    I dont have any trouble backfilling premarket futures data. I dont have any answers for 2,3 and 4.

    I like QT a lot but one thing that really irritates me is when you set your range to a sliding widow range and you have a wide range day the chart will run off the top or bottom of the chart. Does anybody have a fix for that? I know you can decrease the axis but that defeats the whole purpose of the fixed sliding range.
  3. I believe you need to select scale chart somewhere in the preferences... I usually display "horizontal lines, HOD, LOD and previous close... then I select "scale" on each indicator, give it a try... it may be an easy work around... good luck...
  4. seems like i cant get data for QT from IB for almost 3 hrs..anybody else having this issue.
  5. moo


    Sure. Yesterday the backfill did work, but again today it didn't. Updating to latest beta did not help either. There seem to be some issues related to IB backfill.

    I have been in contact with QT customer support about these issues. Will report if they are solved.
  6. BSAM


    Bring up an IB chart and bring up a QT chart (using IB data). My charts look very different. Using a candlestick chart, look at the OHLC and volume for say, a 3 minute chart. If it comes out like mine, you'll be amazed at the differences between the IB chart and the QT chart.