QuoteTracker---Prices to double.

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    I woke up this morning to a disappointing email from QT/TD Ameritrade advising me that upon my next renewal, my subscription would double. They say that I can get QT for free if I will open an account with TD Ameritrade. Just a heads up if you are a user and were unaware.
  2. Just open up an account at Ameritrade. I believe that the minimum is only $2,000

    It will also give you a lot more historical "back-fill" as well.
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    TDA may need to increase the price in an effort to cover the acquisition cost of QT and the operation cost of QT. QT is a great deal even with the price increase. Better still,opening a TDA account is a good move with the benefits of QT use. TDA has made several great acquisitions. QT and Thinkorswim are probably their best acquisitions.
  4. Sounds like you work for them :)

    100% Increase is absurd.. wait until they have to go from Delphi to something else like .NET... not pretty. Basically my only concern to continuing using the product -- can't wait for NT7.

  5. You've been registered for 10 years and are posting about a QT fee? Wow, I think you need a new line of work. Doesn't sound like you're very successful at this trading thing.
  6. I would pay 14 dollars a month for Quotetracker.

    But I have an Ameritrade account and do not have to pay for it.

    I think my Ameritrade account was originally a Datek account, but I have lost track exactly how that came about.

    I hate to sound like the old geezer who says that he walked five miles to school barefoot in the snow, uphill both ways, but the cost to trade is very reasonable.

    When I started trading out of my home, my real time data fees were over 250 dollars a month for just NYSE and Naz.

    My software package cost me 600 dollars and that was not a particularly expensive package.

    Discount brokerage fees were 29 dollars one way thanks to Brown and Co.

    But in spite of all those costs I still was profitable.

    A good trade is a good trade now as it was then.

    If I am going to complain, I must complain about the idiots in the media and CNBC in particular as well as all the idiots of BOTH parties running the country, but I cannot complain about trading costs, because unlike most every thing else they are a lot cheaper than the "old" days.
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    Yo Ang---Kiss my ass.
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    Yeah, I hear ya, Landis. It's just the principle of implementing a 100% increase in a product.....Any product. Plus, it just seems that TD Ameritrade is trying to force people to open an account. Something just doesn't seem right. Do you know if TD Ameritrade charges non-activity fees? Thanks.
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    Great software...surprised they didn't increase the fee earlier!
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    Exactly. When one does business with any company, a 100 percent increase is not the norm, nor expected. I'm not saying QT isn't worth $120 per year to most. I am saying that for a company to double the cost on a product is, IMO, not good business. And, yes, QuoteTracker is a very high quality product.
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