QuoteTracker Now Integrated With XoomTrade's Direx Platinum

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  1. Orlando, FL. December 29, 2003 - XoomTrade, LLC is pleased to announce that they have released PlatinumQT. PlatinumQT is developed in partnership with QuoteTracker where PlatinumQT offers an integrated trading platform with QuoteTracker through Direx Platinum Trading Software. This new product is now available to all XoomTrade and QuoteTracker Customers.

    "XoomTrade and QuoteTracker are a great fit. We are proud of this partnership and with this integration we will be giving new and existing users more tools for their trading needs" said M. Owais Khanani, CEO of XoomTrade. " In our continuous commitment to providing a positive trading experience, we feel that it is important to provide traders with as many tools that will empower them to make the most informed buy and sell decisions possible."

    "XoomTrade offers a great deal to QuoteTracker users. The combination of XoomTrade's systems with QuoteTracker user interface provides a first-class trading platform to all active traders", said Jerry Medved, CEO of QuoteTracker.

    About XoomTrade, www.XoomTrade.com
    Established in 1998 by a group of successful independent traders. Their objective is to create a trading system that works with traders-one that would increase efficiency and trade execution speed. Along with its flexible and competitive commission schedule, XoomTrade offers 4 trading platforms to meet the demands of different traders styles and strategies. XoomTrade is convinced that we can give traders an edge by providing great customer support and by getting technology to them as fast as possible. All securities transactions and accounts are offered through Global-American Investments, Inc. Member NASD. Global-American Investments Inc., is a member of *SIPC.

    About Medved QuoteTracker, www.QuoteTracker.com
    QuoteTracker is a Windows program that provides a complete trading package, including Integrated Trading, streaming real-time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts and news monitoring. QuoteTracker has been recognized by Barron's and TheStreet.com as one of the industry's leading services.
  2. kowboy


    Where does the data sit for the QT charts? Does it sit on my computer, your server, or the QT server?

    I wasn't able to get it to work.

    Does it require saving the data for the charts on my computer?

    More explanation would be helpful. I get an error message on the QT charts "not enough data"

    Thank you.
  3. The intraday charts are built from the quotes gathered throughout the day. If you opened the chart after the markets closed and did not run QT during market hours, there will not be any data.

    QT does have the ability to backfill the charts so you can see them even if you did not run QT during market hours. You would however need a different data source for that.

    If you have any problems configuring XoomTrade with QT, just email support@quotetracker.com

  4. kowboy


    Does the data for the QT charts sit on my computer, the QT server, or the Xoomtrade server?
  5. its on your computer.