Quotetracker now $14 per month for InteractiveBrokers

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by swtrader, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. wtf?


    Beginning September 21, 2009, using QuoteTracker with US Brokers for datafeeds and Integrated trading will require that QuoteTracker is registered. Get FREE fully registered access to QuoteTracker by opening a TD AMERITRADE Account. Otherwise, you would need to get a paid registration to continue using QuoteTracker with your broker.
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    That's a big jackup in price.
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    I've been using the registered version of QT for years. But I don't think jacking up the fees 100% is "right".

    It's still cheap at $14/month, but I think, I'll start looking for alternatives.

  5. iqfeed

    iqfeed DTN

    1) You don't need to register QuoteTracker in order to keep using IQFeed as a data provider. It only applies to brokers (and makes sense since QuoteTracker is owned by TD Ameritrade). Unfortunately the intraday history is limited with the free QuoteTracker software, but you still get access to our full news feeds, tick by tick data and full IQFeed service.

    2) IQFeed is discounted by $30 per month for QuoteTracker users. Thus, we are saving you 2x the price of registering QuoteTracker. With this, you are getting both QuoteTracker and IQFeed for less than a regular IQFeed subscription.
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    Confirmed with IB. This is unfortunate considering this software was built on the backs of we users.

    Connecting with E-Trade(US) gets the same error.

    Any other comparable, free trading software?


    edit: @SWTRADER: Where was that Sept 21 message posted as I cannot find it on the QT site anywhere? I feel blind-sided by this registration requirement.
  7. i got it when shutting it down and exiting

    and now i've got ninjatrader charts

    buh-bye quotetracker
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    Thanks. I didn't get such a message. Wish I had.

  9. Probably a dumb question, but does anyone know if the free registration by virtue of having an Ameritrade account will allow you to access data feed from OTHER brokers as well, i.e. IB?

    I have an Amtd account and an IB account, but I only need QT for futures charting.

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