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  1. It seems Quotetracker (QT) www.quotetracker.com has not been backfilling lately using TWS. I have sent them (QT) several questions and they don't seem to be able to figure it out. They are responsive but not very helpful (don't know what the problem is or don't know what to do). IB TWS is able to create realtime chart so it doesn't seem to be on their servers. I am only backfilliing 4 symbols. There is no throttling (*Backfilling .....) happening. Anybody experiencing similar problems?
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    can fill ym but not nq
    haven't tried anything else

    edit: tried es, nothing, so it maybe a problem with globex, IB and Qt
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    For some reason IB history data is about 40 minutes behind today for ES history
  4. Response from Quotetracker support:

    This is not something we have control over.
  5. I'm sorry to hear that, the best advice I can offer is to have them logon to your computer and go through every single step with you to see where the potential problem lies.

    Lacking that, there are other data vendors out there who can give you data feeds (like IQFeed), but that has its problems also.

    Good luck,

    Jimmy Jam
  6. Going to put a ticket into IB on this. I will let you know the outcome.

  7. Contacted IB tech support. They said as long as I can view a realtime chart from TWS that it is not their servers, that QT is "passing the buck". IB said maybe my API got corrupted and suggested I reinstall it. I did and I still have the same problem--no backfill. QT is no help, says there is nothing they can do. IB says it's not their problem. Ok, so the most important part of my trading system, data, does not work. What good are IB and QT to me then? Worthless
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    interesting, been using Qt for 10 years and one thing was for certain, if some problem came up, the Medved boys can fix it. So now, with Qt is owned by Ameritrade, why should IB cooperate with a competitor.
  9. Yes, been using them for years as well. Jerry was always very responsive and fixed anything or addressed any question immediately. Methinks the boys at Ameritrade don't care for us QT/TWS users. Or like you said maybe IB doesn't care for QT. Either way the QT/Ameritrade situation has gone downhill since Jerry left. I have tried out a few other charting packages but I really like QT. Any suggestions on other comparable QT charting programs?
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    My QT, and IB combo has been doing fine this morning, and is still okay right now. IB had a bulletin about Hong Kong servers being down this morning, due to a Typhoon.

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