QuoteTracker No Longer Adding New Features - Being Abandoned

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by garbar, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. garbar


    I asked for a simple new drawing tool and got a response that QT is no longer adding new features.

    This is a big problem for QT users because it means it is no longer under development. They have no programmers working on growing it. It is on life support. It is being abandoned. They day is coming when they will pull the plug on it completely. :(

    Don't agree? Well, that's how it looks to me. Tell me it isn’t so and give me solid reasons why. I'd be VERY happy to be wrong. This is a great tool and I don't want to lose it but the writing is on the wall. Can you imagine a piece of software surviving that doesn't grow?
  2. QT is grrrrrreat.
  3. BSAM


    I've been a long time supporter of QT, but I think garbar may be onto something. Ever since Jerry sold out, things have gone downhill.

    Sure wish some motivated person/entity would develop an identical program.
  4. Sweet, they should stop making you register for it then if that's the stance they're going to take. Amtd bought it correct, or am I wrong?
  5. Sierra Chart
  6. BSAM


    Not a programmer.
  7. You don't need to be. They have many built in studies. I have qt also but never use it. Sierra is easier.
  8. BSAM


    Their website is a trainwreck!

    For IB and a Sierra charting package, what is the cost? I can't figure it out.
  9. BSAM


    Thanks. I don't need indicators, but I need to draw a few lines. Is this software extremely reliable?

    I assume their support board is active and helpful, no?

    Where are these guys based?

    Wonder why they aren't represented here on ET?
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