QuoteTracker intraday data - how?

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  1. hbunny7


    Is it possible to have intraday data on QuoteTracker without funding an Ameritrade account with $2k first?

    I see that there are "supported subscription services" on the QT site -- will these work? If so, which is the best? (and hopefully least expensive)

  2. IQFeed is the best.

    Its 30 a month + 4$ per exchnage ( NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX ) etc.

    Thats what I just got this weekend, and today really it makes the data feed extremmely fluid and quick, I got it mainly for tick data, and I couldn't be happier.
  3. yes, i use quotetracker and td ameritrade i have not funded my account(probably never will).
  4. I really like this program and the price is right, you can get data from many sources and use it as a front end.
  5. I use DTN's "IQ-Feed" as well and it works just fine, and is pretty reliable too. I use it for NYMEX futures and Level-One equity quotes.

    You still have to use Ameritrade's Level-2 "streamer" quotes ( DTN does not offer Level-2 NYSE quotes ), which I might add were recently upgraded this past December.

    It's an excellent combo!
  6. paulxx


    With maximum two days of intraday history (including hourly bars) most iqfeed data is therefore not accessible. Without this limitation and the session handling problems for globex, I would use it.
  7. cvds16


    I use it with IB feed works great, for 60 USD a year you get 10 days of intraday data ...
  8. paulxx


    Even trading minute bars, you are going to be blind to longer term trends and intraday support resistance with just 10 days. I use minute bars but also have an hourly bar chart which on my 22" screen and without being at maximum density goes back six weeks of 24 hour session trading data.

    There is no reason for globex (ES. YM) sessions not to be handled properly. You get phantom bars where there is no trading session over the weekend, making your charts wrong for trends and line studies. I don't think it can handle intraday holiday half day session hours either without the same thing, but I'm not sure about that.
  9. tomu


    If all you need is Equities Level I data then I would recommend Worldwatch SSL at http://www.marketfeed.com/internet.htm you get Quotetracker and Level I quotes along with the Arca Book for only $20 a month plus another $3 for exchange fees.
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    All I can say is that the TD Ameritrade datatfeed to Quotetracker is terrible. Very unreliable and backfilling is incomplete not to mention the Level II quotes that are unavailable at many times of the day.

    I like Quotetracker but need a better datafeed. If I'm going to have to pay $54 for IQfeed, then I might as well go back to Tradestation and get a superior platform compared to QT.

    Good to know that something works with QT . . definitely not TD Ameritrade. Guess you get what you pay for . .
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