quotetracker/ib dax symbol problem

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by easyrider, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. I am inputting the symbol for dax and estx50 as medved says to do ie: dtb:mad:dax sep 03 and dtb:mad:estx50 sep 03 but it is not working. Can somebody put me on the right track? Yes I am subscribed to the data.
  2. Les93


    Easy Rider,
    the problem is the spaces in the code - to get around this you put in single quotes in front and on the end of the code as per:
    'dtb:mad:dax sep 03'

    Cheers Les :D
  3. I had that part of it already. It turned out that you had to put an f in front of dax and estx50 i.e: dtb:mad:fdax sep 03. Who knows why. They dont tell you that in the example they give on the website. Thanks for taking the time to reply.
  4. just21


    I have this problem with the eurostoxx in neoticker and IB. has anybody got this working in neoticker? What is the symbol? I go tthe dax to work.
  5. momoNY


    DAX -> DTB:mad:FDAX SEP 03
    ESTX50 -> DTB:mad:FESX SEP 03

    Good Luck.
  6. The F in front of DAX is not a QuoteTracker requirement. "FDAX SEP 03" is an IB symbol. You can get that from the end of the DESCRIPTION column in TWS