QuoteTracker + IB, 6 hour gap on intraday backfills

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  1. I just got IB + QT running and I'm having a problem with the intraday backfills. Every security that I backfill on QT, the most recent 6 hours doesn't show up. It backfills the past 5 days except for the most recent 6 hours. Stocks, futures, FX, indices, nothing will backfill for the complete current day. I've tried both running the most recent QT release (3.8.2b) and 3.8.1, same issue on both.

    The time delay is exactly 6 hours, down to the minute. If I open up a clean chart of the NDX, IB backfill gives me the 6-hour gap. If I switch over the data provider to Ameritrade and re-backfill, it fills the gap. There's no gap on the chart in IB TWS. By process of elimination, it’s something to do with QT’s settings for my IB backfill.

    Here’s a pic of what the chart gap looks like on the YM:

    Pic of my backfill settings:

    The 6 hour gap period is not static either, it begins whenever I open up a fresh chart. If I were to clear the YM chart and re-backfill, I’d have a 6 hour gap directly preceding the real-time tick.

    All feeds are set to IB, everything else is working fine. Quotes, historical backfill, eCBOT open book, etc. Just the 6-hour gap on the intraday backfill. I've searched these forums, quotetracker.com, qtusers, google, came up dry. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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    Have you tried support@quotetracker.com? They usually are fast answering q's...
    (You said you tried Quotetracker.com, so this might not help.)
  3. Yeah I emailed support/Gerry as well. He helped me out recently on a paintbar issue (solid/hollow candles to reflect gaps, an option that should be available by default but has to be coded..)

    I have a new issue with QT every hour. There doesn't seem to be an option to expand past 4 decimal points for any ticker (6 decimal points are needed for the yen futures..)

    But I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure out this 6-hour gap issue..

  4. ck timing under multiday timeframes on charts. maybe active market hours off.
  5. Timeframes are default. Here's a pic of the settings:


    Again, the 6-hour gap is not static. As you can see from the YM in the background, the gap was 6-hours prior to the point when I opened the chart at 1pm. It doesn't make sense to have a gap from 8am - 1pm related to market hour timeframes.

    Also, the first candle post-gap captures all of the volume and price information of the 6-hours that is missing.. Peculiar to say the least..
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    IB streams its data in GMT.

    the software vendor does the translation to local time and exchange time.

    you should also check the regional setting of your computer to make sure you are in the time zone of your choice.
  8. chartie:

    I knew there was an option somewhere, thanks for the tip. One down, one to go. :)

    The chart gap is probably something equally as obvious that I'm overlooking, I just have no idea what it could be..
  9. Tums - I owe you a beer! Thanks so much. I knew it was something completely silly. NY is pretty far from Bucharest..
  10. wow, it's nice to see ET serve an actual purpose once in a while....
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