QuoteTracker - Historical Intraday Data?

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  1. While it's nice that QuoteTracker can use my E*Trade account for streaming quotes, E*Trade doesn't provide historical data, either daily or intraday. I don't day trade, but I will use a 60-minute chart, so I'd like to have access to historical intraday data. And E*Trade's inactivity fee cheese me off.

    Any suggestions/experiences on using different broker feeds with QuoteTracker? I'm considering switching to a TD Ameritrade account. I realize that eSignal and other pay-for feeds may be superior, but I'm only interested in US equities and options, and I don't care if the ticks are a few seconds slower. I rarely look at anything shorter than a 15-minute chart.
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    Just to comment on intra-day charts...QT will only give you 10 days of intra-day (tick, 1, 15, 30, 60 min. etc.), charts, no matter who you use for feed (E*Trade, IB, IQFeed etc.). This is a QT issue. You can still get daily, weekly, monthly, that goes back to the '90's, again depending on feed.

    If you are thinking about changing brokers, IB provides free feed with QuoteTracker.

    That being said, the Medved team is supposedly working on more than 10 days of, say 60 min...When I don't know. You might get some more info by emailing their support (support@quotetracker.com).

    Try the QT user site, www.qtusers.com.

    If you are planning on changing brokers, IB provides free feed with QuoteTracker.

    Hope this helps.
  3. It does help - I did some more reading through the forums last night, and found a lot of positive comments about IB, and that it seems to give you the best bang-for-your-buck when paired up with QT. The only issue is the $5000 minimum balance, whereas somebody like TD Ameritrade will let you start with less. Like I said, I minor issue.

    I'm more concerned with bang-for-the-buck, coupled with whether the broker is any good or not. For example, I've been looking at optionsXpress, but they won't provide historical quotes. I've also been looking at TD Ameritrade, but they don't rank as well as a broker.

    Again. this may be less of an issue for someone like me who intends to basically "swing trade". The scalpers who are living tick-by-tick need feeds that are up to the millisecond.
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    Another issue, IB requires certain amount of trading fees, or they'll charge "X" amount...($30/month rings a bell). Check their website.