Quotetracker: Dynamic Charts or not?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by deadreader, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. Does quotetracker have Dynamic Charts that move right to left as the day progresses, or do I have to see the whole chart all day long?
  2. Idoogye


    Yes, QuoteTracker charts are dynamic.
  3. Do you mean the charts go RIGHT to LEFT? Do I have to see the whole day's chart at once? If not, how?
  4. tjuggler


    Right click in a chart and set these 2 for what you need.
  5. Bob111


    I did update Quotetracker to latest version, and after it, there is vertical green\red line appear on right side of intraday chart. what is it?
    Thank you!
  6. Bob111


    another nice feature....
    Thank you Jerry!
  7. It seems to me you have very poor sense. I can
    say even 50% of losers can say what was it,
    the first time they have a look at it.

    Btw you sould appericiate me mentioning it to you.
  8. Bob111


    Thank you for you help Nana!
    poor me..poor sense....i'm loser...oh..gonna shut myself later tonight..
  9. Very kind of you:) Thanks
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