quotetracker.com down?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by taumeson, Jul 31, 2003.

  1. taumeson


    It looks like quotetracker.com is down right now?

    I noticed that my version of QT is showing itself as 'unregistered' (adds, etc) and so I went and put in my reg-code again, and it was unable to contact quotetracker...

    so When I tried going there (quotetracker.com) an hr or so ago I got a server not found error.. then a few min later it redirected me to yahoo.com, then a few min later redirected me to some free email hosting page, then tried again about 5 min ago and it is redirecting to btopenworld.com... totally weird...

    anyone else having issues? or is my work's proxy server fux0rd?

  2. opm8


    Yep, quotetracker.com has gone dark. Do an "nslookup quotetracker.com" to get some really spacey results. It resolves to quotetracker.com.wombat.com and to redirect.mail.premiumservices.yahoo.com.

  3. def

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    actually they didn't move, the firm hosting their site is just down.

    from jerry...
    y, our primary site is still down. The mirror site works: